Se7en Explore Two Family Friendly Hikes in Cape Point…

As you know Cape Point is our favourite place to head out on a hike and it just so happens that this time of year is perfect for hiking. Cape Point is a great place for hiking with families, there are lots of places to walk and to linger a little longer. This is a place where hiking is all about the journey… and stopping to look around and take in your surroundings. We have been hiking a lot lately… ‘Tis the season. The weather is a lot cooler than heat of summer and every now and then there are a couple of wild and stormy days that make a hike so much more exciting. So I thought I would bring you two family friendly hikes we have done lately… one on a glorious day and the other in a wild storm…

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The Knife Edge

Recently we had a truly wild storm, and we decided to head out for a hike… because exciting times. Also the weather forecast predicted that the storm would break in the afternoon, so we headed out first thing in the morning, faced howling winds and just a little rain, as the storm approached and were home for cocoa before the torrenting rain could get to us.

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Anyway the cold windy conditions meant that we didn’t linger to take to many photographs… but it is a great hike for families with kids that are eager to hike. I would rank it a little tricky if you have toddlers who tire easily or who might want to be carried in places. But certainly for school age kids this is a win – a little of adventure and on a beautiful day during whale season this would be the hike of choice. It is short, about an hour and a half maybe two hours, with a fairly steep uphill for the first half… take it slowly and enjoy the view… it will be well worth it when you pop out on the top and can look down on the whole of False Bay.

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The fynbos on this hike is particularly beautiful, and you can find lots of variety and lots of interesting plants to try out your identification skills.

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Otherwise there wasn’t a lot of wildlife… the wise animals had all taken shelter from the impending storm…

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This route begins at Whale Watch Viewpoint at Rooikrans and you head up Da Gama Peak… it’t not as tough as it looks, the path follows the contours and gradually heads up… and taking it really slowly we took about an hour. Also as a morning hike the uphill is in the shade… so cool and crispy air helps.

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And my word the views from the top are exceptional. There is a good rocky outcrop just before the top to stop and rest your legs… and watch the tourists spin past you on the road below, like ants dashing towards the lighthouses and the Cape of Good Hope. And in a wild storm there are even a few nooks and crannies to take shelter…

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Once you crest the top of Da Gama Peak…

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There is a nice quick walk down to the parking lot at the Cape Point Lighthouse parking lot.

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This path is lovely and for the adventurous spirited, it is called the Knife Edge.

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In places it is a lovely boulder hop, a clear path, and huge rocks to scramble over. Not difficult at all (I could do it!!!), and certainly not as dangerous as the name would have you believe.

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However the adventurous spirits in our group loved the name and the magic of this place that leaves you feeling somewhat all alone and on top of the world at the same time. This is a spectacular hike… We liked it so much that when we woke the next morning and the storm was over and past and it was a glorious day, we got up and went out and did it again!!!

Submarine Look-Out at Olifantsbos

This is a really easy family walk that begins with a short uphill, don’t despair it is short and and there are masses of lizards to look at all over the place, to distract you from the hill. We have done this hike in reverse several times… it is the Sirkels Vlei hike from Olifantsbos… you hike up a well marked path and after about 100 m the path splits. We normally turn inland towards the vlei and then take the circular route across the plateau and back to Olifantsbos… always at the end of the hike we spot this interesting submarine look out and never have time to explore it.

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So we decided to be a little more intentional and head up the way we normally finish… from Olifantsbos where the path splits we turned towards the sea. There is a lovely gentle walk along the coast at the top of the escarpement… there is lots to look at, and there are usually animals to spot from above… in the strip of wetlands between the base of the mountain and the beach. Not to mention you are looking down on the Shipwreck Trail… so plenty to spot and a pair of binoculars would definitely add to the adventure.

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Lizard Season, every one was out to enjoy the sunshine…

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Yes, that is a little lizard trail… easy to spot on the sandy slopes…

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You might be surprised by a couple of folk having an afternoon rest…

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Submarine Lookout…

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Not impossible to imagine what it would be like to be there during the war…

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And lots to explore and what a view from the window…

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You are way above the birds…

se7en - 150416 - 0208.jpg

And the view from the look out is forever…

se7en - 150416 - 0234.jpg

And this little fellow joined us for lunch…

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we took an easy walk along the cliff tops…

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And when you stop in a shady spot and are still, you will always be surprised at what stops by…

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This little fellow and his friend…

se7en - 150416 - 0313.jpg

And after all our hiking in Cape Point, this was the first time we had seen these fellows.

se7en - 150416 - 0323.jpg

We hiked just as far as the signboards… and then enjoyed an easy amble back the way we had come… though from here, the world is literally your oyster there are so many ways to go from this one spot!!!

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Other Hikes in Cape Point.

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  1. Those vies! My goodness – breathtaking! We love following along on your hikes!

  2. Hay Marcia, … When a place is so good and the weather so fine… we couldn’t help ourselves. Crazy I know!!! I love that picture of the kids at the look out too… very cool!!! Hope you all have a fabulous week!!!

  3. Thank you Christi, this is the perfect time of year to visit Cape Town, the weather is mostly glorious for dashing about outdoors, with one or two wild stormy days for rest and recovery with a book!!! Hope you have a fantastic week!!!

  4. MrsFF, thank you… fun times!!! Thanks for all the love and comments, hope you have a great week!!!

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