World Book Giving Day is Around the Corner…

We are so excited about World Book Giving Day on February the 14th that we thought we might give you a little teaser post. Over the past few years we have managed to create a number of school libraries for children in desperate need of books… And this year we have another library ready to launch, watch this spot on Tuesday 14 February, 2017.


Previous Book Giving Day Projects

2016 – A Library for a School Without Books.


2015 – A Library for a School in Need.

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2014 – A Library in Community Centre.


2013 – A Library for a Township Community


2012 – A Library for a Rural Village in Lesotho

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  • Biblionef

    One of the most difficult parts of our project is finding a library to help to create… I know there are millions of schools in Souther Africa in need of help. The thing is, how do I as a regular mom of a couple of kids connect with those schools. I have always relied on the help of the brilliant organisation, Biblionef, to help us select a school for our annual project. Biblionef supply books to schools and communities all over Southern Africa in their own language, as long as they fulfil certain critical criteria. They have been with us from the start of our library journey, when we first went to Lesotho.


    Biblionef’s aim is to provide children from 3 to 18 years in disadvantaged areas of South Africa with new story books, thus stimulating their desire to learn and laying a solid foundation for their future. Biblionef is a registered not profit organisation and depends entirely on donations and sponsoring by businesses and private individuals. ‘We are determined to diminish the illiteracy rate by creating a love for reading. Without being able to read, many doors stay closed and people remain in a situation of poverty. We believe that children, who start enjoying books at a young age, will still be reading as adults.’ Jean Williams, Executive Director, Biblionef SA. Biblionef is now a partner of Global Giving, a non-profit organisation based in the United States that provides a global crowdfunding platform for grassroots charitable projects.

    Biblionef were recently made aware of how poorly stocked the libraries are in some rural schools outside Klerksdorp. Currently, there are trained youth placed to work in these libraries, however, there are very few books that can be issued and book budgets are non-existent. With your support, we can change this. Biblionef would like to donate 100 books, but can only supply 60 from our book bank. We need your help to purchase the additional 40 books for the 25 schools. If you feel called to help them with this project then follow this link. With your donation of a few Rand/ dollars, 25 schools in rural areas of South Africa will receive a total of 100 new books!

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