Se7en Visits Admiral’s Waterfall… The Shortest Hike Ever…

That Friday feeling and a little little hike… you know you really want to get out there into the wild and your kids are ready for a short adventure… but really you want a cup of coffee. Then this is the perfect hike. Firstly, it is just above picturesque Simonstown, and therefore dozens of coffee shops abound. Secondly, and more important… it is a really easy, really short hike. Fifteen minutes in, we had about an hour of play at the waterfall and fifteen minutes out. That’s it… Simonstown does have longer and more difficult hikes… but sometimes a micro adventure is actually what you are looking for.


So when you have a bundle of friends visiting from out of the country and you are looking for a little adventure, but not a three hour hike… then this is indeed the one. There is so much to see and do in Simonstown and everybody heads down south for a peak at the penguins and all that is cute at Boulder’s Beach, and they forget about the surrounding mountains. It turns out that Simonstown has hidden depths and you could easily be busy there for a couple of days.


Admiral’s Waterfall

Getting there: I have seen online that you can walk up from the main road to the start of the hike, but really its steep, it’s urban and not that exciting. If you do have a car, then look on a map for Barnard Street and drive up as far as it will go. There is shady parking at the start and for us it was well worth missing the slog up the hill.


The walk takes you along a flat and easy pathway…


There is a drop to the one side of you but if your kids are on strict “hiking instructions” to never leave the path, they will be absolutely fine.


And peeping down over the edge, they should be able to spot dassies down below, enjoying the sunshine.


The crisp clear water looks so refreshing… and the steepest part of the hike is this flight of stairs, which is oh about ten rocky stairs up.


And the view of Simonstown is unprecedented…


Around the corner…


And there you are…


Lots of place to play in the water… and clamber around…


And on a hot summery day, could there be anything better…


se7en-20-Oct-17-tempImageForSave (5)-50.jpg

I had to clamber up myself…

se7en-20-Oct-17-tempImageForSave (6)-51.jpg

Because everyone should definitely have a chance in their lifetime to take a photograph of a waterfall looking straight down…








And always time for a coffee…


10 Replies to “Se7en Visits Admiral’s Waterfall… The Shortest Hike Ever…”

  1. I got to try this last week– thank you for introducing me to it! It’s a really great hike with kids for so many reasons: short, there’s water involved, not too crowded (at least when we went).

  2. Hay Jo, I am so thrilled you guys enjoyed it… hiking is meant to be fun!!! This teeny hike is perfect for so many reasons… Hope you have a lovely day!!!

  3. Thank you so much for the info!
    We plan on doing this as soon as we have another good weather day.

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