The ocean, and swimming in it… literally my favourite kind of adventure!!!


I firmly believe in giving back and I will do everything I can to raise awareness of the plight our oceans are in. There are two sides to the pollution problem in our ocean… the pollution that is already in the ocean and the pollution that continues to pour into our ocean. The first problem can be tackled by beach cleanups on a small scale, with take-three-for-the-sea at every beach visit and massive grand scale clean ups. The other problem, that isn’t talked about so much, is the problem of tackling pollution at the source. The best way to tackle pollution at the source is education and I firmly believe that raising up young ocean warriors is the way to go.

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A couple of years back I started a fitness journey and that journey led to me running the Two Oceans Half Marathon and the start of my relationship with the I Am Water Foundation… since then I have been privileged, each year to donate an epic ocean to swim to an ocean loving organisation, and so give back to the ocean that I love. Ocean loving organisations have been part of my fitness journey and my quest for adventure, this year I have decided to dedicate my whole summer of open water swimming to the I Am Water Foundation.


The I Am Water Foundation

The I Am Water Ocean Foundation is an organisation based in Cape Town, that takes kids that live within greater Cape Town area and yet, they don’t have an opportunity to go to the beach. They provide workshops and a complete ocean experience to primary school children, where they can learn to love the ocean and become a future generation of ocean ambassadors.

You can make a donation to my Given Gain Campaign over here…

First Ocean Swim Event of the Season


My first ocean swim of the season was the Langebaan Express, with Big Bay Events, this past weekend… hopefully there will be many more swims. The Langebaan Express starts at the southern end of Langebaan lagoon and carries on northwards past the popular Pearly’s beach and on to the Mykonos Yacht Club.

I have to say that I loved it, I loved the training building up to it, and I loved the event. It was a great experience and I am looking forward to lots more swims in the season ahead.

It is a 12km swim, the first 6km were fantastic, tide assisted miles and literally flying, and the second six km were not(!), the wind came up, and working against the tide, the water was rough and it truly was an adventurous swim. I did it, and I enjoyed it… in fact I loved it!!!

So, today is a medal Monday that I am especially thrilled with. This medal, took months of planning and training, fabulous coaching, an amazing team, hours and hours of ocean swimming and serious squad training. It was all totally, totally worth it. And I am so looking forward to a summer season of ocean adventuring!!!

Please help to support my GivenGain campaign and raise young Ocean Ambassadors with the I Am Water Foundation.
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