Se7en’s Almanac

We are slowly building this Calendar post up, month by month… It is a resource post. You can click on the monthly links on the right hand side of our website. Every month we list something to celebrate on each day of the month. Month by month we have grown a resource of links and things to do, things to learn and things to explore. You can use our calendar in one of two ways…

  1. Click on the month and find that day on which you would like to celebrate something. So if you are looking for something to celebrate on your birthday then go ahead and look through the relevant month until you find the day you are after.
  2. or

  3. You can search through the whole calendar site for a particular person or event and use the links as a resource for a study you are doing. For example, search through the whole list for Florence Nightingale, when you find her click on her name. That will take you into the month of May… scroll through the month of May until you find the links for her.

Hope you enjoy the whole year…

Paul Revere’s Birthday, Betsy Ross’s Birthday, J.R.R. Tolkein, Perihelion Day, Isaac Newton, Jacob Grimm, Louis Braille, National Trivia Day, X-ray Discovered, Dia De Reyes / Epiphany / Three Kings Day, Sherlock Holmes Birthday, Joan of Arc, National Bubble Bath Day, Elvis Presley, Stephen Hawkins, Nixon’s Birthday, Coming of Age Day in Japan, First Diabetic Treated with Insulin, John Hancock, Poetry Break Day, Amelia Earhart Flew solo across the Pacific, Clean Off Your Desk Day, First Super Bowl, Hat Day, Martin Luther King Jr birthday, National Nothing Day in the U.S.A., Dian Fossey, Benjamin Franklin’s Birthday, Scott reaches the South Pole, Thesaurus Day (U.S.A.), A.A. Milne’s Birthday, Paul Cezanne’s Birthday, Edwin (Buzz) Aldrin’s Birthday, National Cheese Day (U.S.A), Penguin Appreciation Day, National Hand Writing Day (U.S.A.), National Eskimo Pie Day, Robert Burns Birthday, First Winter Olympics (1924), Australia Day, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Lewis Carrol’s birthday, Holocaust Memorial Day, Chocolate Cake Day, Jackson Pollock, Puzzle Day, Theodore Roosevelt, Backwards Day, Jackie Robinson, Franz Schubert.

Robinson Crusoe Day, National Baked Alaska Day, Chinese New Year – The Year of the Rabbit, Elmo’s Birthday, Charles Lindbergh’s Birthday, Rosa Parks Birthday, Western Monarch Day (U.S.A.), Babe Ruth’s Birthday, Monopoly Board Game, Ronald Reagan, Charles Dickens Birthday, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Clean out Your Computer Day, Jules Verne, Hershey Chocolate Founded, Nelson Mandela Released, Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin, Valentines Day, Ferris Wheel Day, Presidents Day, Galileo Galilei, Pluto Discovered, Nicolaus Copernicus, John Glen orbits the earth, Toothpick patented, George Washington, Dolly the Sheep Cloned, Wilhelm Grimm, Pierre Renoir, Buffalo Bill, Levi Strauss, Polar Bear Day, Henry Wadsworth-Longfellow, DNA discovered.
St. David’s Day (Wales); World Math Day; Dr Seuss’s Birthday (1904 – 1991); Hinamatsuri Day (Girls Day) Japan; Alexander Graham Bell (1847 – 1922); Star Spangled Banner became Official United States Anthem; Antonio Vivaldi’s Birthday (1678 – 1741); Gerardus Mercator (1512 – 1594); Boston Massacre (1770); Idatrod Starts (first Saturday in March); Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475 – 1564); Apple Patented the i-pod (2006); Piet Mondrian (1872 – 1944); International Women’s Day; Harriet Tubman (1820 – 1913); Johnny Appleseed Day (1774 – 1845); World Kidney Day; Pi Day; Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955); Julius Caesar murdered – Ides of March; First Blood Bank Opened (1937); James Madison’s Birthday (1751 – 1836); St. Patrick’s Day; Submarine Day; First Space Walk (1965); Bill Martin Jr. Birthday (1916-2004); Holi (India); Uncle Tom’s Cabin first Published (1852); Johann Sebastian Bach’s Birthday (1685-1750); World Poetry Day; World Water Day; World Meteorological Day; Ponce De Leon Discovered and Named Florida; Lewis and Clarke Expedition Began (1806); Harry Houdini’s Birthday (1874 – 1926); Robert Frost’s Birthday (1874 – 1963); Earth Hour; National Photography Day (U.S.A); World Theatre Day; First Washing Machine Patented (1930); Coca Cola was invented (1886); Vincent Van Gogh’s Birthday (1853 – 1890); Eiffel Tower Opened (1889).


April Fool’s Day; International Children’s Book Day; Hans Christian Andersen’s Birthday (1875); First Pony Express Service (1860); Jane Goodall’s Birthday(1934); Read A Road Map Day; North Pole discovered (1909); Raphael’s Birthday (1483 – 1520); No Housework Day; World Health Day; Dick Turpin (1739); Ponce de Leon (1460 – 1521); International Roma Day; National Sibling Day; Holocaust Remembrance Day; Space Shuttle First Launched (1981); Paul Revere Day (1775); Guy Fawkes Birthday (1570); Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday (1743); Titanic hit an Iceberg (1912); Leonardo Da Vinci’s Birthday (1452); Wilbur Wright’s Birthday (1867); Passover; Henry VIII became King of England (1509); Earth Day; National Jelly Bean Day; Shakespeare’s Birthday (1564 – 1616); St. Georges Day; Easter Sunday; International Astronomy Day; World Penguin Day; Great Fire of London (1666); Anzac Day; John James Audobon’s Birthday (1785 – 1851); Freedom Day; Johannes Kepler’s Birthday (1571 – 1630); Samuel F.B. Morse (1791 – 1872 ); Thor Heyerdahl’s Kon Tiki (1947); Poetry Reading Day; Zipper Patented (1842).


Save the Rhino Day; Elijah McCoy Inventor (1844 – 1929); GreenPeace launched; National Weather Observer’s Day; International Firefighter’s Day; World Asthma Day; Cinco De Mayo; Children’s Day (Japan); Hindenburg Disaster (1937); Tchaikovsky’s Birthday (1840 – 1893); Space Day; Harry Truman’s Birthday (1884 – 1972); VE Day (1945); Salvador Dali’s Birthday (1904 – 1989); Edward Lear’s Birthday (1812 – 1888); Kite Day; Florence Nightingale’s birthday (1820 – 1910); Webster’s Dictionary First Published; Lewis and Clarke Began their expedition (1804); Thomas Gainsborough (artist) born, 1727; L.F. Baum’s Birthday (1856 – 1919); National Chocolate Chip Day; First Kentucky Derby (1874); International Museum Day; Mt. St. Helens Erupted (1980); Circus Day; Amelia Earheart’s TransAtlantic Flight (1927); Henri Rousseau’s Birthday (1844 – 1910); Lindbergh Flight Day (1927); Mary Anning’s Birthday (1799 – 1847); International Jazz Day; First Atlas Published (1570); Mary Cassatt’s Birthday (1844 – 1926); World Turtle Day; The Brooklyn Bridge Opened in 1883; First Morse Code Message Sent (1844); Missing Children’s Day; Blueberry Cheesecake Day; Sally Ride’s Birthday (1951 – ); Rachel Carson’s Birthday (1907 – 1964); Golden Gate Bridge Opened (1964); Masking Tape patented; MonkeyNauts Able and Baker in Space; Big Ben arrives in Westminster (1859); Hillary and Tenzing conquer Everest (1953); John F. Kennedy’s Birthday (1917).

Radio Patented; First U.S. Space Walk; Aesop’s Birthday; First Ford built; Donut Day; First Hot Air Balloon Flight; Gingerbread Day; Richard Scarry’s Birthday; World Environment Day; D-Day; Yo Yo Day; Frank Lloyd Wright; World Ocean’s Day; Donald Duck’s Debut; Ball Point Pen Patented; National Iced Tea Day (U.S.A.); Great Barrier Reef Discovered; Jacque Cousteau’s Birthday; E.T. Movie premiered; Anne Frank’s Birthday; William Butler Yeats Birthday (1865 – 1939); Flag Day; World Juggling Day; Magna Carta Signed; Benjamin Franklin’s Kite Experiment 1752; Youth Day 1976 – South Africa; National Fudge Day; M.C.Escher’s Birthday; Napoleon defeated at Waterloo; First Organized Baseball Game in New Jersey; Garfield’s Birthday; Bald Eagle Day; International Picnic Day; U.F.O. Day; Eric Carle’s Birthday; Bicycle Patented; Toothbrush Invented; Chocolate Pudding Day (United States); Helen Keller Born; Happy Birthday Song; Paul Bunyan Day; Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640); WWI Began (1914); Camera Day; Meteor Day.

Scarecrow Day; Canada Day; Battle of Gettysburg (1-3 July 1863); International Joke Day; First Zeppelin Flew (1900); Amelia Earhart disappeared (1937); American Day of Independence (1776); Pinocchio first printed (1883); Macaroni Day; Star Festival Day (Japan); Liberty Bell Cracks; Sugar Cookie Day; Teddy Bears Picnic Day; E.B. White’s Birthday (1899 – 1995); SkyLab fell to the Earth; Barn Day; Etch a Sketch Introduced; Paper Bag Day; National French Fry Day; Bon fest and Feast of Lanterns (Japan); Puzzle Day; Bastille Day; First Boeing 707; Rembrandt Van Rijn’s Birthday (1606 – 1928); Apollo 11 lifts off; Roald Amundsen born (1872 – 1928); Disneyland opened; Nelson Mandela’s Birthday; Cow Appreciation Day; Nadia Comaneci scored the first perfect 10 in the Olympic Games (1976); National Ice-Cream Day (U.S.A.); Chess Day; Ice Cream Soda Day; First Moon Landing; Ernest Hemingway Birthday (1899 – 1961); National Junk Food Day (U.S.A.); Pied Piper Arrived in Hamelin; Alexander Calder’s Birthday (1898 – 1976); Pneumatic Tires Invented; Ice Cream Cones Introduced; Mosquito Day; Lance Armstrong won the 7th Tour De France; Simon Bolivar’s Birthday; Amelia Earhart Birthday; F.B.I. Created; Bugs Bunny Debut (1940); Beatrix Potter’s Birthday (1866 – 1943); First Finger Prints; Lasagna Day; NASA Established (1958); Cheese Cake; Emily Bronte’s Birthday (1818); J.K. Rowling’s Birthday (1965).

World Wide Web Anniversary; Herman Melville (1819); Ice-Cream Sandwich Day; Columbus Set Sail (1492); Watermelon Day (U.S.A.); Picnic Day, Australia; Louis Armstrong’s Birthday (1901); Barack Obama’s Birthday (1961); National Waffle Day (U.S.A.); Neil Armstrong’s Birthday (1930); Alfred Lord Tennyson’s Birthday (1809); Alexander Fleming’s Birthday (1881); Hiroshima Bombed (1945); Lynn Cox swam the Beiring Straight (1987); National Lighthouse Day; Art Appreciation Day; Jesse Owens won four Olympic gold Medals (1936); Herbert Hoover (1874); S’Mores Day; Construction began on Mt Rushmore (1927); Play in the Sand Day; IBM PC Announced; Annie Oakley’s Birthday (1860); Left-Handed Day; Julia Child’s Birthday (1912); Joke Day; Roller Coaster Day (first patented in 1898); Davy Crockett Born (1786-1836); Meriwether Lewis’s Birthday (1744-1809); Bad Poetry Day; Wilbur Wright Born (1867); Potato Day; Mona Lisa Stolen (1911); National Sponge Cake Day; Waffle Iron Patented (1869); Mount Vesuvius Erupted; First Swimmer crossed the English Channel (1875); National Banana Split Day (U.S.A); National Dog Day (U.S.A.); Woman’s Vote Day; Mother Theresa’s Birthday (1910); Dream Day – Martin Luther King Jr.(1963); Melted Marshmallow Day (U.S.A.); Cleopatra committed suicide day (30 BC).


Spring, Great Fire of London, Sky Scraper Day,Cheese Pizza Day, Read a Book Day, Labor Day, Queen Elizabeth I, International Literacy Day, Magellan’s Voyage, Rosh Hashanah, Chrysanthemum Day, Teddy Bear Day, Elias Howe, Patriot Day, Chocolate Milk Shake Day, Lascaux Cave Paintings, National Grand Parents Day, International Chocolate Day, Roald Dahl’s Birthday, Star Spangled Banner, Alexander Fleming, Agatha Christie’s Birthday, Make a Hat Day, Choose Your Favorite Color Day, Collect Rocks Day, Preservation of the Ozone Layer Day, Yom Kippur, First Edition of the NY Times, Lance Armstrong’s Birthday, National Play-Do day, Talk like a pirate day, International Day of Peace, Elephant Appreciation Day, World Car Free Day, Band Aid Invented, Sukkot, Hokusai’s Birthday, Jim Henson’s Birthday, Punctuation Day, Christopher Reeve’s Birthday, Native American Day, Shel Silverstein’s Birthday, Johnny Appleseed’s Birthday, Crush a Can Day, Rosetta Stone Deciphered,Tomato’s Proven Safe, Caravaggio’s Birthday, William the Conqueror invaded England, Scotland Yard Formed, International Translation Day.


Homemade Cookie Day, Henry Ford introduced the Model T, Jimmy Carter’s birthday, Peanuts Published, Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday, SOS established, Richard I, James Herriot, Child Health Day, National Poetry Day, Niels Bohrs Birthday, Great Fire of London, Two Way Telephone Conversation, Leif Erikson Day, Moldy Cheese Day, World Post Day, Columbus Day, Eleanor Roosevelt Birthday, Boer War Began, Battle of Hastings, National Grouch Day, World Food Day, Star Spangled Banner First Sung, Thomas Edison demonstrated the electric light bulb, Apple Day, Guggenheim Museum Opened, Pele’s Birthday, United Nations Day, Mother-in-laws Day, Pablo Picasso’s Birthday, International Red-Cross Organizes in Switzerland, International School Library Day, Theodore Roosevelt’s Birthday, Statue of Liberty Dedicated, John Adam’s Birthday, Mt. Rushmore completed, Halloween.


Daniel Boone’s Birthday, First Dog Orbited the Earth, National Sandwich Day, Japan Culture Day, King Tutankhamen’s Tomb discovered, Guy Fawkes Day, Diwali, Marie Curie’s Birthday, Alleged Yeti Tracks Discovered, X-Ray Day, Berlin Wall Opened, Great Wall of China opened to tourism, Sesame Street Premiered, Remembrance Day, First Balloon Crossing the Pacific, Fantasia released, National Clean Out the Refrigerator Day (USA), Moby Dick first published, Claude Monet’s Birthday, Suez Canal Opened, National HomeMade Bread Day, William Tell Shot the Apple, Mickey Mouse Debut, Gettysburg Address, Universal Children’s Day, First Hot Air Balloon Flight, Vasco Da Gama sailed around the Cape, Darwin’s Origin of the Species Published, Woody Woodpecker’s birthday, Jo DiMaggio’s Birthday Charles Schultz’s Birthday, Thanksgiving, National Cake Day (U.S.A.), Anders Celcius’ birthday, Mark Twain’s Birthday, Ferdinand Magellan passed through the Magellan Straights, Louis May Alcott’s Birthday.


World Aids Days, Hanukkah, Rosa Parks Day, First Human Heart Transplant, National Cookie Day (U.S.A.), Game Of Monopoly Debuted, Walt Disney’s Birthday, Pearl Harbor Day, National Brownie Day (U.S.A.), Eli Whitney’s birthday, Roller Skates Patented, Emily Dickinson Birthday, UNICEF Anniversary, Hovercraft Patented, South Pole First Reached, Tycho Brahe, Boston Tea Party, Ludwig Von Beethoven’s Birthday, Chocolate Coated Anything Day, Maple Syrup Day, Wright Brothers Day, A Christmas Carol first published in 1843, The Nutcracker Suite Premiered in 1892, Steven Spielberg’s Birthday, Poor Richards Almanac, Pilgrims arrived at Plymouth, A living coelacanth was discovered, Christmas, Boxing Day, Kwanzaa starts, First performance of Aida, Johannes Kepler’s Birthday, Louis Pasteur’s Birthday, Rudyard Kipling’s Birthday, Henri Matisse’s Birthday, New Years Eve.

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