Fabulous Fish Cakes in Se7en Steps…

This is not what I intended to blog at all. But it was Hood#4’s turn to help with supper last night and he is quite an inventive little character – you know the man with a plethora of paperdolls.


Now Monday is vegi-rice night and he wanted to add something unique – so I let him scrabble around in the cupboards and this is what he came up with:


I added some breadcrumbs and eggs and wallah! We were headed for these:


Actually, I had seen fish cakes all over the place this past week, they keep tripping me up and saying yummy – so I was quite pleased with his selection. Now this is a recipe that has a whole lot of things going on, but none of the steps are too difficult – for a five year old, say! Let’s get going:

Meet the Players:


We used:

  • A can of salmon
  • A couple of potato’s
  • A large glob of butter (that refused to be photographed)
  • An onion and a tablespoon of crushed garlic (which also refused the whole photography thing!)
  • A heap of herbs
  • An egg
  • Two slices of bread for breadcrumbs

Let’s Play the Game:

Step 1: Peel and chop the potato’s into equal bite size chunks, cover them in water and let them boil away for about fifteen minutes.


Step 2: While the potato’s are boiling you can make the bread crumbs. Tear the bread into chunks and pop them into the food blender. Zap them for a couple of seconds – not like hours little Hood!


Also, while you are waiting you can beat your egg in a small, deep enough to dip into, bowl.


Step 3: And while you are still waiting, since fifteen minutes is such a terminally long time… you can finally chop your onion and pop it in a pot with the garlic and a dollop of olive oil to soften them up.


Step 4: By now those potato’s must be ready… Take them off the heat. Get the mother person to drain them. Add your big blob of butter and get mashing and smashing.



Step 5: Once your potato’s are roughly mashed pop your onions into the potato mix and your salmon and about half the egg. Mix away!


And don’t be shy with those herbs.


Leave your mixture for a little bit to cool down enough to handle.

Step 6: Now you need to set up a production line…

  • flour on your hands so that everything doesn’t stick to you
  • roll a bit of your mixture in a ball and squash it a little bit flat
  • quickly roll it in the beaten egg
  • quickly roll it in the breadcrumbs
  • place it on the greased baking tray


Step 7: Bake your fish cakes on the baking tray at about 200 degrees Celcius for about 8-10 minutes a side.



And you are done.


Yum, yum that was fun!

5 Replies to “Fabulous Fish Cakes in Se7en Steps…”

  1. I *love* fishcakes but have never actually tried making them. I think I’m going to give it a shot! There is a thai place a town away from mine and whenever I’m there I pop in for two take-out fish cakes with chili-lime sauce. HEAVEN! Thanks for the great idea!

  2. lol, those look and sound lovely!, so now i gotta go look up the whole celsius to fahrenheit conversion thing – my children will love them, I do have a cook book i picked up in england that has the english/metric/american measure equivalents for each recipie — maybe it’s in there………hmmmm.

    I’m reading your blog from the states, it’s currently 20 degrees fahrenheit, with yet another inch of snow on the ground, 30 inchs total i think for the season at my location but of course not all at once – i would not want to have to shovel all that at once!

  3. Hi G, we are roasting under a hot African sun!!! i looked the temperatures up for you:

    200 degrees celsius = 400 degrees Fahrenheit = Gas Mark 6.

    Hope that helps – I should put a conversion table on my site for all you foreigners!!!

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