A Mother’s Almanac From Se7en – Summer Desserts…

I haven’t done a Mother’s Almanac Post for quite a while and the time has come!

Previous Almanac posts were:

And since we are having such glorious winter weather – in fact you wouldn’t know that it was mid-winter except the nights are cooler and the days are shorter. But the days, well everyday is a glorious beach day!

So here we go: Se7en Summer Desserts…


  1. Ice-Cream in a Ziplock Bag in Se7en Steps! This one works so astonishingly well but you just won’t believe it until you made it!
  2. DSC05308.JPG

  3. Home-Made Ice-Cream in Se7en Steps. This is so worth making, rather than buying a tub – there is something about fresh home-made ice cream that screams summer fun! Not to mention it tastes so much better than anything shop bought.
  4. DSC01118

  5. Lemon Meringue Pie to Die for in Se7en Steps. This dessert is a huge favorite for many people and well worth mastering. Since I posted this post I have made a quicker Lemon Curd Recipe that you might like to use instead.
  6. DSC02969

  7. Ice-Cream Cookies in Se7en Steps. These chewey chocolate cookies are so good it is almost impossible not to eat them even before you get to the ice cream!
  8. IMG_3041

  9. Celebrity Chef: Super Smoothies. Super easy and great for kids to pick and choose what they would like!
  10. IMG_3450

  11. Celebrity Chef: Banana Custard. This is so easy that it can be done in your sleep. My kids think this is a right of passage, once they can make their own banana custard they can do anything in the kitchen. “Ahem!!!” says the mother person.


  12. Celebrity Chef (Part se7en): Eton Mess. This is stunning, yummy and creamy and crunchy… If you make one large meringue and don’t crush it you can just as easily turn it into a pavlova.
  13. Have Some Yummy Fun!!!

    I popped this post onto The Works For Me Wednesday Site – go and have a look there for all sorts of tips on absolutely anything.

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