Se7en do Christmas…

The World is mad with Christmas and Thanksgiving… every blog is blogging it!!! And before the world spins off its orbit we are having a week off-line!!! No I will not even look at your comments… but keep commenting on our GiveAway because I will gather all the comments next weekend!!! We are taking a break, no screens, no browsing, no phones just us!!! We are going to play games and paint pictures and swim and take strolls… and do all sorts of important things one should do in the Summer Time!!! But I didn’t want to leave you with nothing to read so I thought I would post our Christmas Collection… just to keep you busy!!! See ya’all next week!!!


Week 1: Cards and Operation Christmas Box…


Week 2: Gifts Kids Can Make.


Week 3: Gift Wrapping


Week 4: Christmas Parties

Week 5: Putting It All together

Week 6: Se7en Traditions.


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  • 6 Replies to “Se7en do Christmas…”

    1. I remember how ORGANIZED you were last Christmas! So inspirational!!!! I’m actually doing GOOD this year— I’m on TARGET! All gifts will be shipped by DEC 1st whoooo hoooo! Then the real fun begins. I hope you have the most MARVELOUS Christmas… can’t wait to see what kind of creative fun you get into this year. xoxoxoxo

    2. Hope you have had a restfull week! We have found loads of wonderful Christmas ideas from your post and are hopefully going to manage to implement them 😉

    3. Hay KM, We are on target too!!! Can you believe it!!! Christmas seems to be happening on the side and we are rolling along with our schedule – shoeboxes done, cards by the end of this week!!! Somehow it seems to be happening and I am hoping to blog Advent too…. I love your advent action, you are brilliant!!! Have a fun week!!!

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