Saturday Spot: Cape Town’s Two Oceans Aquarium…

All Cape Town Schools are on vacation right now… and folks are looking for things to do in Cape Town… If I was looking for a free outing then I would head straight for Green Point Park without any hesitation. If you are looking for value for money then visit the freshly opened MTN Science Center – I see, since we are a group of ten, we would qualify for a special rate!!! And if you are looking for top of the price range and a fabulous day out then look no further than the Two Oceans Aquarium. This is an epic outing and most of my kids haven’t been there because it is pricey!!! My older kids often join in their fantastic holiday programs and totally love them.


Anyway, recently I attended an event at the aquarium and managed to spend some time wandering through it and taking some photographs to show our readers. Honestly the photographs do not do justice… It is a living breathing place where you need to spend heaps of time just sitting looking at the kelp bed should take ages… and so many places that I would love to sit and draw… And no fear about the ages of your kids – it is a fantastic interactive spot that my older kids love and adore and when your younger children wear thin of the touch pool and all the tanks then you can head for the craft and play area to catch your breathe and have a snack. Really they have thought of everything, it is a great place for a day out. And because the aquarium is a living display it is never the same place two visits in a row… something has always changed or grown – just all in all a fantastic spot!!!


So lets begin…

I have to say I love these wall galleries, especially since it looks like a whole wall of photographs…


Until you take a closer look and discover that some of those photographs are indeed tanks!!!


Otherwise, it is an aquarium so there are tanks of incredible discoveries as far as the eye can see… Somehow they have managed to intersperse the tanks with things to touch and feel, and such an amazing variety of creatures that is doesn’t feel like you are wandering through tank after tank at all. So here you go a quick tour of the aquarium… gasp away, these creatures are incredible…



Then there was a frenzy of silver fish…

There was a nutritional reason…

And on to the microscope…

And the touch pool… where there is always something new and interesting to look at!!!

Take a look at the play area:

For the young and agile you don’t have to clamber down stairs…


There is a table for crafting, coloring and puzzles…

And a sand pit – I know hood #8 would love this!!!

A place for shows…

And a view of the great outdoors…

Moving on past the magnetic wall…

And the art work from rubbish found in the ocean…

To a display I hadn’t seen before…

And I loved it!!!

We re-define life size!!!

Have you ever seen such a huge tap?


And then a wander through the river system,

Past the shore…

Which also had a couple of new features… how would you like a couple of these giant snails in your garden, just look at what they munch through!!!

And a couple of snakes, have to say I was quite happy to see the snakes that frequent our house are perfectly harmless…

We had a couple of these last year as well…

The size of them means that I am a whole lot less happy with them around our house!!!

And moving on to the kelp tank – where I could sit mesmerized all day!!!


And finally the predator tank…

Love this turtle…

And the rays…


And look at these fish…

And no thank you I would really rather not dive with the sharks…

I am always one for adventures but this is one I just can’t get my head around… beautiful from a distance!!!

And then of course you leave via the store and the restaurant… and that folks was the 2 Oceans Aquarium… a really great outing up there with the best of what Cape Town has to offer.

8 Replies to “Saturday Spot: Cape Town’s Two Oceans Aquarium…”

  1. What a fab place to spend some time. I was bowled over looking at the photo of the photo and tank wall at the beginning, but it just gets better. I even thought a rodent eating snake would be good around here. I think I should move!

  2. Hay Cheryl, The aquarium is a brilliant spot to visit and lots of “wow” factors all the way through!!! I have to say we have never ever had anyone say: Yay for snakes on our blog before – ever. We get a lot of house snakes in our garden and after living here for a number of years I don’t have a complete heart failure every time I see them anymore… if they do come indoors and they do… then I pop them in the neighbors garden. Mole snakes are quite another story… they are large and no I cannot get over them. Luckily we’ve only see them a couple of times they are pretty shy and I’m glad for that!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

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