World Wide Instameet Number 11 With @IgersCapeTown…

You have to know that a good spot to find us online is on instagram, @se7en_hoods. One thing Cape Town does very well is Instameets. An Instameet or Meetup is were a group of local instagrammers get together and meet. It is a fantastic way, not only to connect with the faces behind a lot of your followers, but to learn. I have never been to a meet up and come away with out at least one fabulous new tip tucked away in my pocket. The thing about placing a whole lot of instagrammers in one spot is that they each have their own view of the same thing… and to see so many creative interpretations of the same venue is incredible.

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If you are an instagrammer in Cape Town or visiting Cape Town, search out @igersCapeTown and find an instagram meet up and join the fun. This past weekend there were instagram meetups all over the world and Cape Town had not one, not two, but four meetups to join in. We finally made it to the Sunset at the top of Signal Hill. Heaps of other instgrammers joined in, it was a fantastic turnout.

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How do you find a group of instagrammers in the crowd… a large group of camera wielding individuals. The variety of instagrammers is in itself fascinating… all ages, and all stages. Some very professional photographers, some very creative photographers, some regular snappers, and heaps of beginners and all of them very enthusiastic about their craft. Or you can look out for the flag/balloon…

se7en - 220315 - 0644.jpg

Which was quickly forgotten as everyone dashed off to find their photograph…

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The Venue: Signal Hill

se7en - 220315 - 0625.jpg

Their is a little wildlife and of course coffee…

se7en - 220315 - 0675.jpg

And lots of interesting things to photograph… but typically folks go up Signal Hill for the views…

se7en - 220315 - 0679.jpg

The View from Signal Hill

se7en - 220315 - 2332.jpg

Is nothing short of spectacular, includes our mountain… and the Cable Car Station…

se7en - 220315 - 0649.jpg

The Twelve Apostles…

se7en - 220315 - 0623.jpg

And Robben Island…

se7en - 220315 - 0638.jpg

Of course there is our favourite park, Green Point Park…

se7en - 220315 - 0700.jpg

And ships and shipping…

se7en - 220315 - 0765.jpg

And of course there is people watching…

se7en - 220315 - 0705.jpg

The People

se7en - 220315 - 2326.jpg

It isn’t just the view there are heaps of folk for great people watching opportunities…

se7en - 220315 - 0716.jpg

The City SightSeeing Bus… heads up the hill for their night tour… really everyone heads up the mountain!!!

se7en - 220315 - 0642.jpg

There are always folk celebrating something…

se7en - 220315 - 0670.jpg

And others just standing around waiting for the sun to go down…

se7en - 220315 - 0677.jpg

And well, juggling of course.

se7en - 220315 - 0687.jpg

The Instgrammers

Tend to be a very creative bunch and will go to great lengths to get the shot they have been plotting and planning…

se7en - 220315 - 0725.jpg

They will lurk off into the undergrowth, to make sure that this is the perfect spot for their unique picture…

se7en - 220315 - 0712.jpg

se7en - 220315 - 0629.jpg

se7en - 220315 - 0672.jpg

They will balance on precipices to get the perfect shadow…

se7en - 220315 - 2336.jpg

It is the perfect outing for a photographic family…

se7en - 220315 - 0694.jpg

You can always take kids to a meetup…

se7en - 220315 - 0751.jpg

And enthusiastic photographers will meet plenty of folk with encouraging tips for their photography.

se7en - 220315 - 0780.jpg

This is @owl_books in action…

se7en - 220315 - 2329.jpg

The Sunset

This is why everyone goes up Signal Hill and manoeuvres their way through the traffic!!!

se7en - 220315 - 0702.jpg

se7en - 220315 - 0733.jpg

se7en - 220315 - 0739.jpg

And after the sun… the evening star.

se7en - 220315 - 0771.jpg

The City Lights

se7en - 220315 - 2346.jpg

se7en - 220315 - 2362.jpg

se7en - 220315 - 2356.jpg

If you would like to see other photographs from this instate then head straight over to instagram and look for #WWIM11_signal.

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  1. Hay Christi, It was great fun, I always find meeting the faces behind the “handle names” is a good thing!!! Hope you are all having a great week!!!

  2. Hay Marcia, Thank you for stopping by… and filling my comment bucket again and again… I really do appreciate it!!! I have to say that I kind of like that photo too… isn’t it cool, I may have to carry it in my wallet close to my heart when I am so far away from them all. Hope you are all having a great week!!!

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