Se7en + 1 Ways to Get Involved in the GreenPop Treevolution…

So I wrote an entire series about my trip to Zambia with Greenpop and before that I have blogged about planting days and weekends away with them and suchlike… and many folk have been saying: “We would like to do that…” “We would love to join in…” and so this post is really a how to join the fun with GreenPop kind of a post…

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Read on, read on… right to the end because there is a very exciting opportunity for those of you who love a fine road trip.

Se7en + 1 Ways to Join the GreenPop Team

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  1. Head to Zambia for a Week: For a lot of people, myself included, this is really a dream come true. A week spent camping, planting and learning all about green living and meeting incredible like-minded people. Of course, you don’t actually have to plant trees on the grasslands of Africa to make a sizeable contribution to the environment. You can start a little smaller and build up to that. What about…
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  3. A Weekend Away: Platbos is the southern most indigenous forest in Africa and in May each year GreenPop have two weekends away where folk can join them and plant a forest of trees. There is a family weekend away and friends weekend away, where folk can sign up for a weekend of family fun in the great outdoors: camping, fabulous food, craftiness and of course tree planting. We have never done one of there weekend aways, but if you are thinking about joining GreenPop in Zambia then this would be a good place to see what they are all about.
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  5. You Can Join a Planting Day: Supposing a whole weekend away is too daunting or you have never planted a tree and don’t want to commit to anything too daunting then. Our first tree planting was really just a morning commitment and we all learnt how to plant a tree and had a heap of fun. After that we were really ready for a bigger project and spending a day turning an urban wasteland into a community project was the next step… Creating a Community Park. Toss in some Cape Stormy weather and it only adds to the fun!!! I have to say this is a great way for a family to spend time together… there is nothing like working together for making memories. Planting days are every couple of weeks, if you are looking for something to do everyday…
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  7. You Can Make and Create Eco-bricks: My boys have a veritable factory going on here… once your eco-bricks are made you can drop them off at at the GreenPop Shop… Shabby Chic in Wale Street in the Bo-Kaap in Cape Town.
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  9. You Can Join The GreenPop Swap on the First Thursday of the Month: Did you know that on the First Thursday night of every month Cape Town’s Art Galleries open up. And if you are more into fashion than planting… then GreenPop’s Clothing shop, Shabby Chic, is open on First Thursday nights. You can exchange clothes, meet up with like minded souls and generally have a fun time.
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  11. You Help Them Buy Trees: So many trees planted and they all have to come from somewhere. I am going to blog more about sponsoring trees for GreenPop but in the meantime you can take a peak at this.
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  13. You Can Follow Them and Encourage Them: Join in their fun projects on instagram, right now they are looking for DirtySelfies. If you have the time and energy to be a fan of an energetic team who don’t just talk about the environment they are actually doing stuff… new and trendy stuff, daily then follow them. On instagram, twitter, and tumblr.
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  15. Finally… You Can Take a Road Trip: There is a long weekend coming up in a week or two and GreenPop will be planting in the beautiful forested area of HogsBack in the Amathole Mountains of the Eastern Cape. The magical part of South Africa, where Tolkien himself was inspired to create a Hobbit World. You can read all about the weekend away here, I think it is going to be quite an epic weekend for families and friends. You can take a peak at the video of last years event here… though I can guarantee that you will want to pack up and leave almost immediately… why wait for the weekend just head out. Honestly can you think of anything better than the great out doors in a magical place, doing real work for our generation and generations to come. There is nothing on earth like planting a heap of trees to make you feel like you are really making an impact. You can check out the Hogsback FaceBook Page for details and plenty of competitions to win tickets to the event.

So here’s a summary… If you want to get involved in any GreenPop Project, then follow this link, absolutely everything you need is there.

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