Se7en Celebrates a Year of Working Out With SSISA…

Step by step by step… and suddenly a year of working out at the Sport Science Institute of South Africa has flown past. I am literally on top of the world or a mountain for that matter, my life has completely changed for the better. Honestly there are somedays it feels like I have walked all the way around the sun, who am I even? It has been quite a journey and you can read about it, from the start until now, which is not nearly the finish (!) below…


It has been a year and I know folk want to know how I am. Great thank you!!! And how it has been? Let’s just say I thought I was going for an eight week course, but it turned into a complete life over-haul. Otherwise, we live in a culture that really cares about what we can measure: So 20kg lighter and a ways to go still; 20 minutes faster in the ParkRun and I still can’t run the whole way, but I am close. There are a lot of things that I can’t really measure. Like how brilliant it is to say on any given evening to one of my kids, “Would you like to go for a run?” or on any given day, let’s go for a hike… without worrying if I actually can. The point is, that if I can do this… anybody can. Really. I was at the lowest ebb of fitness, and I really had no idea that I would be able to do any of this, but one work out at a time and slowly but surely my “that’s impossible”… became “I’ll try”… and “I can’t” has very much become… “Let’s do this.” I have regained the spring in my step and energy that I didn’t know I had lost, has started to return. So much so that I am running my dream next week and joining the Two Oceans 5.6kmm Fun Run… if you are going to be running, look out for me and come and say hi!

You Can Read About My Journey From the Start…

Huge thank you to the Sport Science Institute of South Africa who provide me with all that their Healthy Weight Programme has to offer in exchange for an honest expression of my journey. This is not a sponsored post and all my opinions are as usual entirely my own.

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  1. I am a long time reader and just want to share that your story has really touched me and encouraged me to be more active myself. Thank you for reminding us about the possibilities!!

  2. I’m also a long time reader and just wanted to say congratulations! 1 year is tremendous! I have to say though, that pic of you looking over the city is beautiful…but it’s kinda freaking me out with the height! LOL You’re brave, really brave. btw…did you know you’re in the 2018 Sonlight catalog? 😉

  3. Hay Kathleen, thank you so much… I am so excited to hear that you are encouraged… just one step at a time made the world of difference to me. Wishing you all the best!!!

  4. Hay Emm, Thank you so much… it has been a great year, and the edge is never quite the edge!!! And no I did not know we were in the catalogue… I try not to look because there are always new and wonderful things to tempt me. Anyway I dashed out to page my way through it… they got our name wrong… so funny. Anyway all the best and thank you so much for stopping by!!!

  5. Hay ruby, thank you so so much for stopping by… and for the lovely comment… hope you have the most wonderful week ahead!!!

  6. Well done, you have done an amazing job with this fitness thing! Not to mention sleep… And you are a great inspiration to me on my own journey towards fitness, health, and healthy sleep habits. You go girl!

  7. Thank you so much Helen, I so appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment… it is great to know that my story is encouraging folk. Really the hardest part is taking that first step!!! Have a lovely long weekend!!!

  8. Katja, All the way in Slovenia, waving hello!!! And thank you so much for always stopping by with a lovely comment… you make my day every time!!! Lots of love from Cape Town!!!

  9. Well done, really you are a legend and inspirational. On days when i don’t feel like going to Park Run I think of you and know you’ll be going and I best get out of bed and go

  10. Oh Erin, the feeling is mutual… you are my ParkRun friend on the far side of the world. We have been doing it just over a year and I am beginning not to dread it… that’s huge!!! Now that I have been concentrating on running further, no matter how slowly and walking less, I have to say (just whisper) that I am starting to love it… the bug has bitten. Keep at it, it is good to know there is someone else out there!!!

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