When I began my fitness journey, a couple of years ago, there were somethings on my horizon that I dreamed I would do one day, like run a half marathon for instance. But, I never imagined that I would also start Open Water Swimming and that I would swim the Robben Island Crossing… that was really a dream too far.

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I have been doing Open Water Swimming with the team from Elemint for the past year or so and their gentle approach to “try a little more” and “see if you can swim a little further,” really works for me. Turns out I am a “Dream Big or Go Home” kind of a gal and I have signed up to swim the Robben Island Crossing this December.


The only time we have ever been to Robben Island was for a beach clean-up with The Beach Co-op. We have been cleaning beaches with The Beach Co-Op at least once a month for the past five years…

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The Beach Co-op

The Beach Co-op is a not-for-profit company. Our mission is to eliminate, reuse, redesign and recycle single-use plastic, which often lands up in our oceans and on our beaches. We work with single-use plastics at all points of the value chain, to:

  • remove them from the beach
  • refuse them when making purchases
  • work with brands and companies who want to use less plastic
  • encourage manufacturers to design plastic packaging with a circular economy in mind


  • to keep South Africa’s beaches clean and healthy
  • to empower coastal communities as guardians of our oceans
  • to address issues around single-use plastic from design to consumption with a focus on building circular economies

Help The Beach Co-op to protect and re-store our Blue Planet!

I have decided to combine my two passions: swimming and protecting our oceans, and I have created a GivenGain Campaign to raise funds for The Beach Co-op… you can follow my journey to The Robben Island Crossing on instagram… And I would love if you could support my GivenGain Project for the Beach Co-op. I have set a goal to raise R1 a meter, that’s R7500. For the crossing on a good day… I think it can be done, with a lot of help from my friends!!!

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  1. so proud! my granny was one of the first robben island swimmers, in the early 1900’s .

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