I shared this post on instagram this week, but thought it deserved a spot on the blog as well…


It’s a number, silly really… but I recently passed 300 weeks of completing my Vitality exercise goals in a row. There is a t-shirt for this, and I did not know that!!! From completely and utterly sedentary to this… who knew that a life could turn around on a simple decision to just get moving every single day.


When I stepped off the exercise roller coaster of school and varsity sport, just a little break to have a couple of kids… I had no idea that I would sit on a couch and read stories for literally twenty years… but the heart of an adventurer cannot remain seated forever…


Massive thank you to the Sport Science Institute of South Africa, for getting me started and keeping me on track all the way until lockdown. And a massive thank you so Kathy McQuaide for teaching me to run again, albeit very slowly!!! And getting me through the #twooceanshalfmarathon and several others after that.
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Massive thank you to the Best Balega Socks for believing in me and encouraging me to get on my feet and stay on them – from parkrun to half marathons to trails they backed me all the way…
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Thank you to Cape Town Swim for introducing me to open water swimming what an adventure that has been… to Robben Island and around Cape Point and onwards to more adventures…

Huge thanks to Dame Kelly Holmes and all the troopers at Military in Motion for keeping me going through lockdown and…
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Massive thank you to Forever Fresh for the adventure of a lifetime who taught me to stop comparing myself and and just get on with it… to take those bucket list adventures out of the bucket and do them.
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And to One Life Swim It, onwards and upwards to bigger and better and further adventures in the ocean.

A little bit everyday really does make a difference… it’s been a journey that I am excited to be on. Adventures pile up, dreams get bigger. What can I say… Don’t limit yourself to where you are, think about where you could be and go go go…

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