Se7en of the Best things to do in Kalk Bay.

We used to live in Kalk Bay and our first two Hoods were born there. So it is a well loved stomping ground for us. If you are visiting Cape Town then you really do want to make the effort to spend some time in Kalk Bay. It is a small seaside town – you can walk from end to end browsing in and out of stores and munching from one eaterie to the next – a worthwhile excursion if ever there was one. I am not going to mention everything there is to do – just things we like to do!

  • Let’s start with some mental stimulation there is a brilliant book shop, which has a fabulous story time on the first and last Saturday of the month. My kids love it and I love it more because I get to browse around myself while they are busy, or just sit on the fabulous couch and dip into good books.
  • Central to Kalk Bay is the harbor, which is very pretty and picturesque. There are lots of busy little fishing boats tied to the quay and in season you can watch whales swimming right past the quay.
  • There is a Fish Market here and if you need fish for a braai then this is the place to come. Where a braai (pronounced: br-eye) is a strange South African custom of watching your meat cook on an open fire and involves lots of lingering around! There is also fancy shmancy restaurant, which we have never frequented.
  • However, if you need lunch for nine then there is Kalky’s. This is a great spot to go out for lunch, it is our Fish and Chips spot. You can sit indoors or outdoors, on the quay so there is lots to see and watch while you are eating.
  • If you live in Cape Town then you will surely know about the fantastic Olympia Cafe in Kalk Bay – a fine coffee spot to be sure. Lovely for lazy days. Coffee and cinnamon sticks, what could be better.
  • But do you know about the bakery up the parking lot side of the building, now this is a gem. Firstly it opens before anyone should be up in the morning and shuts after anyone should be home from work and so is for all intents and purposes always open. They have a copious amount of yummy breads, pastries and a couple of deli delights – perfect for when you are dashing to a picnic or whatever.
  • DSC00225.JPGDSC00227.JPG

  • And after all this eating you may need to settle your tummy with some Italian ice-cream – and so on the main road in Kalk Bay is the place to be – they are never ever closed, well maybe Christmas Day, but otherwise they are always there and it is always worth finding parking. Nothing nicer than window shopping your way through the Kalk Bay store with a real gelato in hand.
  • DSC00228.JPG

Enjoy your day out!

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  1. We run a self catering holiday accommodation establishment in Noordhoek, which keeps us very busy.
    Sometimes Sunday afternoons leave us free after the last guests have left. My wife’s favourite treat is for us to take a drive to Kalk Bay just so that she can enjoy one of the Ice Cafe’s ice creams, which she says are the best in the world- she should know, she is a well travelled Malaysian.

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