How to feed Se7en

When I posted the contents of our cupboard last week a couple of you asked “So what do you eat?” Well I kept a food diary last week and here it is:

Our breakfast was a bit biased at the beginning of the week, The Celebrity Chef and I were reviewing Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food together – and everyone got lucky!



  • Monday: Jamies raisin Scones
  • Tuesday: Whole wheat toast and yogurt
  • Wednesday: Oatmeal Porridge
  • Thursday: Whole wheat toast and banana smoothies
  • Friday: Oatmeal Porridge
  • Saturday: Scrambled eggs on toast
  • Sunday: Cornflakes

Anytime you like in the fridge Snack:

There is always a snack in the fridge, chopped and ready to eat. The day we get our vegi’s I clean, peel and bag our vegi’s good for the week ahead.


  • Monday: carrot sticks
  • Tuesday: Mango chunks
  • Wednesday: Cucumber chunks
  • Thursday: Baby tomato’s
  • Friday: Grapes
  • Saturday: Apple slices
  • Sunday: Sliced peppers left over from pizza’s the night before.

Morning Snack:

  • Monday: Air-popped Popcorn
  • Tuesday: Raisins
  • Wednesday: Biscuits
  • Thursday: Air-popped Popcorn
  • Friday: Crisps for a treat
  • Saturday: Air-popped popcorn
  • Sunday: Tea and biscuits.



  • Monday: Whole wheat Pizza (just my regular pizza but I replace half the flour with whole wheat bread flour) topped with tomatoes and feta.
  • Tuesday: Baked oven chips, cheesy garlic bread and fruit salad.
  • Wednesday: Toasted cheese sandwiches and baked oven chips.
  • Thursday: Make your sandwiches: tuna, cheese, lettuce and tomato.
  • Friday: Whole wheat flat bread (pizza base) and tuna salad.
  • Saturday: Whole wheat rolls (pizza dough cut into rolls) and stuffed with cheese and salad goodies.
  • Sunday: Fresh bread with ham and salami and salad goodies to pick from.

Afternoon Snack:


Yes I do bake almost everyday, I didn’t realize it till I kept a list of what we were eating. Usually The Celebrity Chef bakes with me in the morning while the other guys do school and we eat the rewards for afternoon tea.


Supper we have the same rhythm from week to week. Less decision making at the end of the day means more time to play! The only thing that changes is the vegetables. Our vegetables vary from week to week they are local organic and seasonal. I make a list of the vegetables and the number of servings and then whichever Hood is having a turn to help with supper preparation gets to choose 2 vegetables, and we work our way down the list till the end of the week…


  • Monday: Savory Rice: Rice with chopped up vegetables and bacon (this helps the fussy brigade eat an otherwise unpalatable meal). Followed by Jamies one cup pancakes.
  • Tuesday: Fresh Pasta with finely chopped spinach and parmesan. Asparagus on the side.
  • Wednesday: Grilled pork sausages and mashed potato’s Roast pumpkin.
  • Thursday: Cheesy noodles: curly noodles smothered in mozzarella. Courgettes and asparagus. Banana custard.
  • Friday: Omelette, couscous with thinly sliced spinach and feta. Butternut.
  • Saturday: Pizza: with peppers, tomatoes and mushrooms
  • Sunday: Potato wedges, roast chicken, squash and asparagus (again! but Hood #7 loves it!)

That’s it – they don’t require a massive amount of food yet (imagine se7en teenagers – that’s terrifying), most people assume that we eat their months groceries everyday – but no… 3/4 packet of pasta serves se7en, a cup of rice always means leftovers. And because I just repeat from week to week it isn’t too much work to whip up a meal. Sometime every week we try a new recipe or two and I swap bits of meals around a bit, so we don’t all die of boredom. The kids swap which nights they help so that they learn how to cook different things.

That’s it – that’s what se7en eat from week to week…

13 Replies to “How to feed Se7en”

  1. Okaaaaaaaaaaay.

    For the record, I just upped our rice to 7 cups per meal, to ensure we have enough left-overs for DH to take in for lunch the next day! I use 2 pounds of pasta for a meal.


  2. Clearly we are in different food leagues!!! I must say I am a bit daunted by the thought of se7en teenagers and each needing a loaf of bread a day… my poor little bread machine will surely platz!!!

  3. Yeah, Tammy when I said one cup I meant uncooked – I have no idea how many cups it is cooked… but it stretches far enough for us!

  4. Oh, okay. ..WHEW! One cup uncooked rice (assuming you aren’t meaning "minute" rice) = 2 cups cooked. I meant 7 cups cooked (3.5 cups dry).

    4 kids (2 teens). It is a big pot. . . ‘Course, rice is the least of my worries!

  5. Now here’s an interesting discussion. I have 5 kids, 3 of which are on the brink of teenage-hood and I use 3 cups of uncooked rice per meal or 2x 500gr pks of pasta. You have a lot to look forward to se7en! Keep up the good work.

  6. Hi N, thanks for that! You just freaked me right out of my comfort zone!!! You must have enormous pots… I am just thinking I will have to start cooking for supper at lunch time!

  7. Hi E, Love your bread post and so true. We stopped eating store bread when I realized I was simply giving my kids processed air and they were never full… I knew it was bad for them but before we had our bread machine I didn’t realize how easy it was to supply it regularly. Once I got the hang of our machine it changed our lives and hunks of solid bread are filling tummies around here!!! Have a great week!!!

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