Pancakes Plain and Puffy with Se7en Bazillion Toppings.

So today is Pancake Day or Fat Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday, whatever you call it people round the world will be eating pancakes… and I for one say: “Let’s join the crowd.” Here is a fellow enjoying his pancakes :


We eat pancakes almost daily they are quick, they are easy and they are fun. Pancakes are a life skill and there is no reason why kids can’t at least make the mixture, even if they are still too little for standing near a hot oven plate.

Plain Pancakes:

Our standard pancake mixture comes from: Who else but James and his Ministry of Food:


We love the whole pass it on part of this book so let’s pass on the pancakes – so easy it’s unforgettable.

Meet the Players:


  • 1 cup of self raising flour – for nice thick ones.
  • 1 cup of milk
  • 1 egg
  • 1 pinch of salt

Play the Game:

Zap this in the blender: grrrrrrrrrr. Melt some butter in a pan, pop spoonfuls of batter into the pan, when the batter’s bubbles pop turn your pancakes for a about another half minute and you are done. We mostly double it up for satisfaction and triple it up for a feast.

You can serve them plain, yum, or you can add a few addables. Usually fruity things: Berries or bananas, we’ve also used pineapples and just plain chopped apple – really good! Pop them in the blender and zap it quickly so that whatever you add in is mixed through but still slightly chunky. And cook them just like the plain ones. We have also added little slivers of bacon to the mix and then cooked them – topped with good syrup – heaven!


Puffy Pancakes:

But, sometimes just the thought of standing round a hot plate and flipping pancakes gives me fatigue. Have no fear because then it is time for the wonder of Puffy Pancakes. You bake them in a muffin pan – no work and super quick. We have been making these for years because they are so instant and accessible, they are brilliant to serve anywhere anytime pancakes – breakfast, brunch, tea or dessert. These can look fancy and shmancy or just plain and simple.

Meet the players:

  • 1 cup of flour
  • 1 cup of milk
  • 6 eggs
  • 1/2 a cup of melted butter.

Play the Game:

Put all your ingredients into the blender and zap away.



Grease your muffin pans and pour the mixture into them (this mixture makes 24 easily).



Pop them in the oven at 200 degrees celsius (400 degrees fahrenheit) for about ten minutes. They will puff up impressively, gloriously, wonderfully. And if any survive the initial grab then you can serve them with any number of toppings.


We usually drizzle ours with honey. But sugar and cinnamon; berries and cream; jam and cream; melted chocolate and cream (like a little eclair – heaven!!!); cream – just cream – I think you may understand by now, that nice as these are quick and plain they are screaming cream – and who am I argue with a puffy pancake.


If you are of the more savory bent, then think mini quiches and add any toppings that you would add to a quiche. These I usually add into the mixture before I bake them. We have added: finely chopped spinach and feta; bits of bacon; three cheeses: cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan; herbs and cream cheese; thinly sliced baby tomatoes and mozzarella. Keep thinking because the possibilities are endless.


I have to say opinion’s are unanimous puffy pancakes are the best thing since, well since forever!!! Give them a try, but you may never look back and you may never make pancakes in a frying pan again.

28 Replies to “Pancakes Plain and Puffy with Se7en Bazillion Toppings.”

  1. Oooh. I definitely think I’m gonna try out your Puffy Pancake recipe this weekend ūüôā

    quick question: you call them pancakes, but to me a pancake is a really thin batter fried in a pan: a crepe, I guess. What you’re making sounds to me more like what I’d call crumpets or flapjacks?? All these different names, gets confusing ūüėČ

  2. Hay GTBG, nice to hear from you!!! Well talking of whose calling things what have you seen the myriad of things that are disguised in the name of flapjacks – things we call crunchies! And crumpets, I love crumpets but have never made them! These we call pancakes because the mixture is like pancake mixture but they come out a bit like well the nearest thing would probably be eclairs!

  3. Thanks for the recipe ideas. We make the puffy pancake recipe, but pour the batter into a hot cake pan, full of melted butter. We call them Dutch Babies and eat them with powdered sugar and lemon. I love the individual muffin pancakes.
    The possibilities do seem endless.

  4. Hi B, Oh wow!!! I have so got to try a Dutch Baby… melted butter! Oh heaven! Yup this is definitely on my “To Do List.”

  5. We love our pancakes, too. Is there anything easier and universally loved by kids? It’s a guaranteed hit. My husband is our official pancake chef, though. He has the magic touch—light and fluffy, always.

    I love the pictures, too.

  6. It’s nearly dinnertime, and I was wondering what to make for a fuss-free dinner. The puffy pancakes sound great, like an all-in-one dinner and dessert. Maybe broccoli and cheese ones followed by sweet ones. Mmm…eclairs! Thank you!

  7. Aha you lucky thing! My husband is a pancake consumer!!! But I won’t complain because he always does saturday pizza’s no matter how many people are coming over!!!

  8. oh, what wonderful idea. We love pancake but hate to make them one by one. Love the oven idea!! I’m adding you to my blog list to read. : )I somehow found you through a post you had about organization.

  9. I made puffy pancakes this weekend! They were so good. I was a little nervous since the hoodlums were hungry and sitting at the table waiting for them to come out. But they puffed up like crazy and everyone loved them except my two year old raptor. She wouldn’t try them. But she was in "a mood". Even my visiting neice and my husband who are both very picky loved them. Funny that the batter reminds me of Eikuchen (German for egg cake) batter- but we make it very thin in a pan and very big and then roll it up with yummies inside- kind of like a crepe. Many versions of the same basic ingredients. I like the muffin version. 24 coming out at once is really great when feeding a crowd! (well, I only got 23, but close enough) thanks for the recipe. I plan to try several more of yours since many of them seems so basic and yummy.

  10. Hi K, My kids adore these and I make them at least once a week! They love the magic of watching them puff – but then who wouldn’t! I am so glad almost all of you liked them!!!

  11. This totally stunk for me. I used cupcake liners. Nope. Lesson learned. They didn’t puff at all. And my kids hated them. Oh well.

  12. Oh Susan, I am so sorry they didn’t turn out well… You can’t use liners because they really need the extra heat of the baking pan to swell them up fast… Really sorry your kids didn’t like them either. My kids love and adore them!!!

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