Saturday Spot: Wild Card and Potential Outings…

I thought I would finish up our South Africa week with a look at what the South African National Parks have to offer us. Now you know I am always bemoaning the cost of local sites and the fact that all our sites are geared to tourists paying in Dollars or Pounds and that they don’t actually provide affordable access for the average local. Well hooray for A Wild Card is a card that allows members unlimited access to a number of our nature parks, for a once off annual fee. And it is one price for families – no matter how many kids you have!!!


In honor of some of our best friends visiting Cape Town we decided to splurge out and buy ourselves a Wild Card. Now we have a couple of local haunts that we frequent where our Wild Card will be very handy: Boulders Beach and Silvermine…


But I am looking forward to a couple of places just a little further a field. Click here to see a map of all the places we could potentially visit… Not to mention a list of potential National Parks. I know if we go to five places that would be adventurous for us… but an amble in JonkersHoek or a weekend in the Cedarberg. I am probably getting away from myself with a weekend away… Because gone are the days when accommodation was tossing some mattresses on the floor for a couple of kids, nowadays you pay per person per bed even if they are the size of a mite and don’t actually sleep in their own bed!!!


Needless to say we will be sticking to picnics and ambles for the next while… and hope fully you will be seeing lots more photographs like these:


So be on the look out we have big intentions for potential outings in the very near future!!!

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  1. Hi O, Well just for you and other significant people that read our comments!!! When Boulders is full just drive a little further south to Fisherman’s Beach or Froggy Pond – Just as nice, if not better, without the people!!! Have a great day!

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