Se7en’s January…


And if you are looking for more then here is a list of calendars to browse:

  • Scholastic’s Calendar.
  • Kinder Art’s Calendar.
  •’s Calendar.
  • Enchanted Learning.
  • Teacher Vision.
  • 4 Replies to “Se7en’s January…”

    1. Love your calendars! Especially taken by the penguin appreciation day and eskimo pie day. I’m finding winter themes very appealing at the moment!

    2. Hay Cheryl!!! Winter… furthest from my thoughts!!! We are totally sizzling!!! Most of the tourists have gone home so of course the wind stopped blowing and now we are finally having summer… sizzling I tell you!!! HAve a lovely cold day!!!

    3. That is an amazing schedule…I am impressed you have it all written down! Maybe one of these days, I will be that organized!
      I love your earlier post about reading the scriptures! I really feel the difference if we miss a day! =)

    4. Hi Sherri, I have been gathering calendar posts for quite a while now… I used to do them week by week but I am trying to do them month by month and generate a calendar resource packed with interesting links and fun that we can use for school. I hope you all have a fun weekend!!!

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