So Se7en + 1 is 2.5 And Discovers Plaster Casts…

How on earth did that happen where have I been? My babe is growing up so fast… he is an active little creature that talks in paragraphs, he may be short but he has big ideas… Nothing much overwhelms this fellow…


I’ve been thinking about this post all week trying to keep in mind the those funny things he says and armed with a camera to catch him at play… In a word I would say amiable!!! If you just chat with him he will generally say “All wight” and get on with his own thing. He may well be a plumber one day!!! He has passion for plumbing – actually the opposite of that – is there such a word as “un-plumbing”? You know those little folk that can totally dismantle the pipes under any sink without you knowing, until it is far too late!!!


So what does he love, because he is an enthusiastic guy and he doesn’t like doing anything… he LOVES things. The great outdoors, hiking and digging and the beach. He never tires of all the sand on the beach or water in the ocean… splish, splash, dig… He loves his toy garage and cooking with the cooking toys… and what about painting!!! But he is a true hood and his first love is books…


Then he rewrote this post for me and he took up flying… Flying off the jungle gym… he had a nasty gash on his head so I held him… he was pretty miserable so I held him some more, he didn’t want his dinner so I held him some more… it was only much later that he mentioned he had a sore foot… foot not so much – his LEG!!! He won an outing with his father person… only the second visit we have ever taken our kid to the doctor for… he left a trail of miserable and subdued and prayerful siblings at home and went for x-rays and a plaster cast… Yup… his leg is broken and he is off his feet for six weeks…


And after half a day in a plaster cast I can tell you it won’t only be him counting the minutes till its over… He is going to have to learn to love the couch and I am going to have to learn to direct from there – because leaving him is not an option right now!!! He hates anything on his feet, not even socks… and will not tolerate even a duvet on it… never has…


But now he says: “Would you look at this sock…”
Shocked pause… “Would you take it off?
“No my friend, not for five weeks and six days…”
“Can I take it off, it is really ibibitating me?”
And repeat…

He's home, he is so quiet and six weeks off his feet... I think I am finished for the day.

I think I need to get some serious distractions, because this cast may well get ripped off if I glance away… We have to stay away from his daily routine of digging all morning, can you imagine sand under there and swimming all afternoon, he has to keep it dry. I am sure once he is feeling better we are going to discover how far a plaster cast can be pushed… but for now it is on and he is still, if not a little annoyed!!! Six weeks from now I will be able to write a post: “How to survive an outdoor kidlet and a plaster cast!!! Meanwhile…

You Can Read About His Well Documented Life Here…


45 Replies to “So Se7en + 1 is 2.5 And Discovers Plaster Casts…”

  1. so glad he did not get hurt worse; and we will keep him in our prayers…and you! soon he can have fun decorating his cast!

  2. Poor little man. One of mine broke her leg at just over two and it was a bit complicated-fourteen years on, we can’t remember which leg it was. One think that helped us was bringing the stroller out again. I do remember that non-weight bearing was challenging especially once the pain had gone. Praying for you.

  3. “ibibitating” – that is SO cute.

    When my brother was two he broke his leg too (jumping off a bunk bed, during Bible study no less). Unfortunately for my mother he filled his cast with sand when she wasn’t looking and dunked it in the pool a few hours later. My dad had to take him back to the doctor to get a new cast!

    Praying for you guys. And remember – this is a GREAT story to tell at his 21st 🙂

  4. Ooof! Luckily little people are so resilient! I honestly am looking foward to the next couple of days when he finally gets comfortable in his new “skin” and reading about how you handle it! 😉

  5. OH the poor little fella! and right in the middle of summer! My littlest broke his leg right at Easter when he was 2.5 too! Give him a few days and you will find out how resilient 2.5 can be – my little fella was scooting all over and then came the day when I caught him walking on the thing. Just clear the paths of sharp objects and watch him go.
    Hope he feels better soon – maybe he will come out of it liking things on his feet ; >)

  6. Oh no! At least his little piggies are open to the air. So glad he loves to read and art, and that he has siblings to entertain him. I hope he heals quickly.

  7. Oh Se7en! I am so sorry! Poor little hood.

    I know you will probably be getting lots of these type of suggestions, but I’ll go ahead and add mine… Could you fill a big plastic tub with sand or dried corn or beans or popcorn (popped or un-popped) and let him dig inside?

  8. Thanks Aunty Muffin… Right now his cast is still pristine.. though for how long!!! I found some trousers to cover it up before he ripped off!!! One totally unimpressed kidlet!!! Thanks for your prayers!!! Have a fun weekend!!!

  9. Thanks Sarah… Thanks for the tip!!! So far his over-willing siblings are dying to carry him everywhere – of course every movement is agony so I have banished them!!! And they are only allowed to read him stories and one at a time… se7en stories blasted from se7en loving older siblings can be a little overwhelming!!!

  10. Hay Jerusha… I am never introducing my little guy to your brother – they sound like soul mates whatever the age gap!!! Indeed, I fear he will carry “The Story of Flight” for a fair while!!! Hope your ave a fun weekend!!!

  11. Oof indeed!!! Yea I think there is a bit of a learning curve here… and it is mostly mine… Keeping a mobile two year old immobilized is king to be one of my biggest parenting challenges to date!!! Luckily he is too sore to move still while I readjust my focus!!! Have a fine weekend on the far side of the world!!!

  12. Ha 3GoatMom… Luckily it is raining but I am dreading when everyone else goes for a swim!!! But you give me hope, maybe one day he will sleep with the covers over his precious feet!!! Meantime I have a feeling he is going to be propelling himself on his cast here there and everywhere, whenever I turn away!!! Hope you have a good weekend!!!

  13. Hi Hawkeyejlp… I have set up an entertainment roster!!! Everyone wants to entertain all the time!!! I am sure looking back it will seem like the time flew!!! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!!

  14. Oh Linda B, I am thrilled that folks are offering suggestions – this is way out of my “Let them roam free lifestyle!!!” A tub could well be a good idea!!! Hope you have a fun weekend!!!

  15. Oh my goodness! I feel so bad for him and you!! My son had a bike accident last March, which in the end left us with 4 different surgeries and 4 different casts. I thought it would never end. He ended up wearing a cast until almost the end of the summer. What saved us was a wonderful contraption that looks like a heavy vinyl bag with a suction end. you put it on over the cast and it sucks to your arm or leg. My son went swimming and played in the ocean sand and bathed!! Never any water touched his cast. I will try to find a picture of it or if I head to the pharmacy pick one up and send it your way!

  16. Oh Dana… That sounds like a wonderful contraption… I have a felling when he is feeling much better and the weather is hot we are going to have to make a plan!!! I just can’t imagine not going to the beach for six weeks – it is way beyond comprehension!!! I am really hoping that it heals super fast, since he is small, and hopefully without any extra complications!!! Thanks so much for caring so much!!! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!

  17. Oh Cassi, That warms my heart thank you!!! Gotta say it has been a loooong day!!! One of my first thoughts was: “So glad that it didn’t happen last week when we were making crows!!!” Lots of love and hope you have a good weekend!!!

  18. Oh, sweetie!

    I broke my leg when I was 13 and was in an above the knee cast for 3 months and below the knee for 2! I remember laying in bed and wishing that I could just bend my knee or move my ankle!

    I hope it heals fast and he can get back to his digging and splashing as soon as possible!

  19. Oh, Hood #8, I am so sorry to hear about your accident! I will be praying for him, and Mommy as you try to entertain him for so long! I hope you can get your back to school stuff done while he’s being read to by the siblings. Yikes! Lillian

  20. Oh Joanne, I think the bigger you are the harder it is!!! I know he is not happy with it but at least he has no sense if the time scale involved… hoping the days past really really quickly!!! Hope you have a great weekend!!!

  21. Hi Lillian, Thank you… it has been quite a long day!!! But it turns out Hood #3 is quite the champion at entertainment and I can leave the room momentarily… His brothers not so much – they tend to stir him up somewhat and he literally tries to leap around even when they are just reading a story!!! Fun times!!! Hope you have a brilliant weekend!!!

  22. Oh my. My thoughts are with you. Eldest broke the same arm twice, under the age of 4. The first time I didn’t realise for a couple of days. She was so stoic. The hardest part was keeping the cast dry. Best advice I received was to take a photo, as she will never remember it otherwise. Its true. Seven years later, she can’t remember it. Nor can I remember which arm it was unless I check the photo. Good luck.

  23. Oh I so relate to the ‘hold him some more…’ experience! Zeb broke his leg on a trampoline last year (just a greenstick break), and after holding him for 3 days we thought we should maybe have it checked out!!! Soon your Hood will feel so much better that he will just be zooting around, cast and all. And we were told that they are there own best physiotherapist; leave them to it…
    In the meantime we send love and prayers and held thumbs for good spirits and a blessed recovery. Lots and lots of love from all of us.

  24. Ah so sorry about your injury little guy – we pray that you heal quickly! Thinking of you all at this rough time Lots love x

  25. Hay Cheryl, Isn’t it funny, the things they forget!!! The event is now documented on our blog while the cast was still fresh and clean!!! I have a feeling his older siblings, especially his much older siblings will never ever let him forget this!!! Hope you have a fun weekend!!!

  26. Hay Corli!!! Yup…Miserable kids are meant to be held… and then held some more… But if you are holding them you don’t actually realize that they can’t stand!!! Anyway it wasn’t too long a wait for him, just a couple of hours before we realized it must be more than a scratch on the head that was making him so unhappy. Also it didn’t look like anything was wrong – no bruising, no swelling… but we sure couldn’t touch it!!! Anyway, he is pretty cheerful about the whole event now… if he could just rip THIS sock off!!! I had so forgotten that distraction is a full time job!!! Hope you guys are gearing some Spring!!! Lots of love…

  27. Thanks Shells… I am hoping that because he is little he will heal really fast and be back in action really soon!!! Hope you have a great weekend!!!

  28. Thanks Sands!!! We so value the support and encouragement from all our wonderful readers!!! We hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

  29. Oh no, will pray for fast recovery. One of my girls broke her arm at 2 1/2, she didn’t pull the cast of but her brother who is only 13 months older called to me the day after she got her cast on with “See Mommy I got it off for her”. Had to get a second cast, which her brother promptly helped come off within a few days, then the doctor cast her arm clear above her elbow to keep it on and not pulled off..all in the middle of the hot summer! Do hope his time goes quickly for both him and you!

  30. Hay Deb… Now that’s the sort of story I don’t need to hear!!! I don’t think he will need an older sibling, he is quite capable of ripping his “stupid sock” off and he is firmly in trousers for the duration, no matter how hot it gets!!! And strict instructions to all older siblings to keep him well distracted… We will see how it goes!!! Hope you have a good week!!!

  31. Oh you dear boy! I’m so sorry that mean old cast is “ibitating” you! Love and prayers that the six weeks will fly by quickly for everyone!

  32. Oh my. My little one will be three in May, and I can’t imagine her having to be off her feet for that long. She is quite the climber and daredevil, so it’s possible this will happen to us in the future! Oh, and I can’t help but smile looking at that sweet little face! It’s funny how you think your kids are so big, but when you look at other little ones the same age, you realize that they’re still very small! Good luck, and I hope the little guy is feeling better soon!

  33. Hay Christa< That is such a good point… we think they are so big and you take a look and they are still so small and adorable!!! Thank you for stopping by and we are all hoping he is feeling much better really soon!!! Have a good day!!!

  34. Aw, poor little guy and poor you. I know it’s impossible to keep them still at that age.

    People said when K was in the hospital, “oh this must be so hard” and it was but I kept thinking “I’m glad it’s not C because it would have been HELL trying to keep him still for two minutes”

  35. Hay you, Marcia!!! So good to hear from you!!! I am failing in the keeping still department and a little more successful at the keeping down!!! For once I wished my kids were TV watchers, but unfortunately if they are not trained in this department – I have discovered you cannot plonk them there when they break their leg… the screen has no appeal – the controls – oh yes those are good for dismantling!!! For the ten days it was okay, he was terribly out of sorts… but he is now at full fettle… and pays the price for “over action” every night when he cries because “his toe is sore.” But a funny thing has happened while he has been sitting still – he has taken verbal/mental leaps and strides… can count to twenty, just got pronouns… me dog has become my dog, got millions of colors… the list is endless – too weird, because no-one is teaching him any of this!!! Anyway, three weeks and three days to go – if anyone is counting… c.o.u.n.t.i.n.g… !!! Thanks for stopping by – I hope you have a fabulous evening!!!

  36. Oh Marcia, Plaster casts have definitely improved over time but he still totally hates them… he has just had the cast taken off his broken arm and while he is thrilled about the freedom it hasn’t been easy for him!!! Hope you all have a fantastic week!!!

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