When I mentioned that I was blogging a series on the Swellendam Winter School I really meant it. After a full day of cooking school we were ready to relax, and on the programme was a sunset cruise.


In Swellendam? Yes, in the middle of the countryside, where I least expected it, there was indeed a beautiful evening cruise followed by a traditional potjiekos dinner and a chance to meet all the locals.


A Magical Sunset Cruise

Let’s start with the cruise, because would a trip to the country be complete without a little adventure?


Off into the wild blue yonder…

And a chance to go exploring…

And who wouldn’t love to discover a hidden waterfall…

Fantastic adventuring with friends…

I can never get enough of the great outdoors…

And then… did I mention the spectacular sunset.

Umshanti, What A Magical Place

Let’s introduce Umshanti, on the Buffelsjags Dam, a place that dreams are made of… accommodation of the magical kind and somewhere that I would definitely look into for a family holiday.

The Cottages sleep from 2-10 and if you prefer camping there are camp sites as well.

And there are so many things to do: from cruises (of course) and walks and wildlife watching… to water sports, and hikes and picnics, canoeing and even micro-lighting.

This is a fantastic place for kids to run wild and play all day, while their parents collapse in a shady spot.

An Evening Together

As for the media team… you can take them places to relax, and they will do exactly what they do best… chatter and chatter and chatter…

And all the photographs…

Back on dry land we were introduced to the Swellendam Winter School Team and we had an opportunity to meet and greet a number of the course facilitators. Naturally, in the space of a couple of days, we could never ever get to try all the courses. But an opportunity to meet and greet folk was a great way for us to get to know them and learn a little bit more about the courses that they teach.


And an evening of chatting and a feast packed with all sorts of local flavours ensued.


A Feast to End All Feasts…

True Swellendam hospitality sprung to the for…

And I have never seen a liqueur tree before… all locally made on the beautiful Wildebraam Berry Estate.

Massive potjies, filled with deliciousness…

Not to mention organic vegetables from the organic gardening course…

Local cheeses… there should be a cheese course!!!
IMG_4759 IMG_4757 IMG_4761

And my personal favourite…

Breads from the artisanal bread course…


All the photographs from the course, Evening Cruise at Umshanti can be found by clicking the image below.

Umshanti - Sunset Cruise

The Swellendam Winter School Series


I would really like to thank the Swellendam Winter School and the Winter School Community for hosting myself and the media team for a wonderful couple of days. This is not a sponsored post, and the opinions expressed are as usual entirely my own.

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  1. Oh MrsFF, it does occur to me that holidays are very very good for me!!! I never take them, but perhaps it is time!!! Have a lovely week, with loads of love… and really thank you so much for all the comment love!!!

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