How Se7en Make Pizza in Se7en Steps…

So in the days and nights of December dashing to and fro… sometimes you need to just eat regular food… here it is:


So how do we do it?

Well meet my friend: the bread machine…


Now the father person wanted this forever and I just couldn’t stand the thought. Just another thing on the already overcrowded kitchen counter. You have to have: a kettle, a toaster, a microwave, a mixer, a fax machine, a hifi, a fruit bowl not to mention a coffee machine. Why in the world would I need this machine – I just didn’t. And he really spent years trying to convince me. Finally he showed me pages and pages of epic reviews from Amazon, all with five stars… People have quite literally written praise books lauding the humble bread machine.

But this is the five star comment that finally got me: it wasn’t a page long it was just one line: “I haven’t shopped for bread in the two years since I got it!” Amen to that!!! Picture this…

  • everybody out the house
  • everybody into the car
  • everyone into their car seat
  • everybody strapped in
  • Drive 1 km down the road
  • unstrap everybody
  • out the car onto the pavement
  • into the store
  • grab two loaves of bread
  • pay at the till
  • out onto the pavement
  • All the while smiling nicely
  • saying “Yes, they are all mine.”
  • “Yes, my hands are full.”
  • back into the car
  • everyone in their seats
  • everyone strapped
  • drive 1 km up the road home
  • unpack everyone out of the car
  • and then start to think about lunch

I kid you not after reading that one line – I really wanted that machine – in my house, on my counter! We got it and I use it at least once, on average twice and sometimes even three times in a day. And I never ever buy bread!

So this is our basic recipe for flat breads, pizza and the hoods even use it to make rolls for lunch once or twice a week.

Let’s meet the players:


1 packet of yeast

600 g bread flour

1 teaspoon of sugar

1 teaspoon of salt

1 large dollop of oil

400 ml of water.

Let’s Play the Game:

Step 1: Pop all the players into to the bread pan, in the order I wrote them down.


Step 2: This is what it looks like when it is ready to go into the bread machine.


Put the machine on the dough setting – this takes 45 minutes.


Step 3: And mix, mix, mix, rest, knead, knead, knead, rest… for 45 minutes.


Step 4: While your bread dough is doing its thing… You get chopping, snipping, cooking and grating.


Step 5: When the dough is ready roll it out on the baking tray. This mixture can make two thin based pizza’s or one lovely thick based garlic flat bread.


We cut ours into a Christmas tree shape, ’tis the season and all that.


Step 6: Smear your base with tomato based pasta sauce, sprinkle with mozzarella.


Then you are good to get topping your toppings.


Place your topped pizza into a hot oven, we use about 400 degrees Celsius, for between five and ten minutes.

Step 7: While we were waiting we munched a garlic pita made with the cut-off dough.


And then your pizza is done.


Thank-you God. Please bless this food to our bodies, Amen.


Gobble. Gobble. Gone. Good-night!

44 Replies to “How Se7en Make Pizza in Se7en Steps…”

  1. Hi se7en fam 🙂 – Happy Christmas to you – I’ve enjoyed picking up on some ideas to utilise next year. I particularly like the crafty ideas that work – especially the tea set that looks like something rather than a dog’s breakfast (which is what some of ceramic-painted gifts in the past have looked like!).

    Anyway – to my main point: I notice you’ve doubled the dough recipe from the Panasonic book (we’ve got the same machine) and I’m wondering if you do anything else to make sure it mixes well. I’ve been tempted to make a 600g batch of pizza dough before, but worried that the machine setting wouldn’t handle the weight and volume … so any tips are most welcome! Thx! Enjoy the rest of your hols – we are off to Hermanus this afternoon- can’t wait!

  2. Hi Cratar. Not being one for manuals and never ever having read the book! It never ever occurred to me that there was a limit apart from the obvious volume(!) limit… the whole outpouring thing could be quite messy. Our recipes all evolve to fit our family and I guess whatever task I have set our poor little bread machine it has achieved!!! Anyway clearly I need to have a few more bread machine posts because I have had a heap of responses… the things people get up to on Boxing Day!!! Happy Holidays.

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