Se7en + 1 Ways to Make a Book More Memorable…

I have been writing quite a bit about books and reading lately and I thought it was time for a post on how to bring books to life. My kids read quite a few books for school and I often want them to have something tangible to hold onto, to remember a book by. They could write endless book reports and we could print out pretty book report papers and list: Title, Author, Publisher and so on… but really if they had to do this for every book they read for school they would have vast tracks of notebooks filled and they would not necessarily remember the difference between one book report and another let alone one book and another. Make no mistake they do their fair share of book reports and I will write a post on their writings, but this post is really about making a book – usually the book we are reading aloud as a family, more fun and memorable.

Here you go Se7en really quick ways for your kids to bring a book to life…


  1. Cook it: If the book you are reading contains a meal or they bake something then recreate it. We never read an Enid Blyton book without making cocoa – kids in her books are always drinking cocoa!!! Try something new. Don’t worry about the mess and don’t worry about the flops, the fact that you made the effort seems to be enough!!! We made copious amounts of donuts when we read Henry Huggins by Beverly Cleary. And Bruce Bogtrotter Cake with Matilda by Roald Dahl trust me, this is a winner!!!
  2. DSC_0915

  3. Act it: Wether you act the story out full size or with various puppets it doesn’t matter… Many a story has been acted out on our kitchen table – all the world is a stage after all!!! And Harriet the Spy by Louise Fitzhugh is a permanent feature in our home at the moment.
  4. DSC_0650

  5. Puppet it: So many puppet shows have dangled from our front porch. Finger puppets are fabulous and can be used again and again… But my favorite are teeny tiny puppets that you can really create to fit any story you are reading.
  6. DSC_0026

  7. Craft it: Many books lend themselves to crafting. And let’s be honest kids love crafting… My kids have sat around making millions of card people while listening to Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and there are so many more easy ideas… here is a list of book related crafts.
  8. DSC_0140 DSC_0635 DSC_0626 DSC_0758 DSC04744 IMG_3815 DSC01335DSC00860 DSC09027 DSC08717 DSC06368.JPG DSC05043.JPG DSC03890.JPG DSC03428.JPG DSC02312.JPG DSC01772


  9. Visit it: If you can turn an outing into a book event you have found a winner!!! A trip to see the goats could be just that or it could be an adventure into the Alps to play with Peter and Heidi’s goats…
  10. DSC06949

  11. Map it: Any book that describes a journey is worthy of mapping… Paddle-to-the-Sea by Holling C. Holling is a brilliant book for making a map. As is Adam of the Road by Elizabeth Janet Gray.
  12. DSC06553

  13. Build it: I live with a couple of potential architects and some books cry out for houses and homes. You can go small and use Lego’s and Duplo… even grand old blocks. Mine love to go big and The Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner generates weeks and weeks of houses and homes every time we read it!!!
  14. And the Se7en +1th Idea…


  15. Party it: Trust me, you don’t need a birthday to have a party… any excuse to have a cake and do a craft and play a couple of games is a good excuse!!! Some books are perfect for parties, like a Where the Wild things Are Party. Some authors cry out for a party… really they do: like A Roald Dahl Party or even A Dr Seuss Party and to name a few.

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  1. The picture of your boy making the map is such a treasure! I love these ideas and have to tell you that when we read through the Laura Ingalls series, especially Farmer Boy, we ate so many delicious things that winter. 🙂 My boys still ask me why we can’t have a jar on the counter that is always filled with homemade donuts!

  2. Hi Rebecca aren’t some books such a feast!!! I love the map too and your new fabulous family size couch!!! Have a fun weekend!!!

  3. Hay Love and Lollipops… So good to hear from you!!! Thanks for stopping by!!! Hope you have a brilliant weekend!!!

  4. i love the maps….and the potential….builders…amazing what children can do…given a bit of time..a few household items…see you next week…

  5. Hi jenni, Good to hear from you!!! It is amazing what they can do. It is wonderful how creative kids are and what they can do given half a chance!!! Hope you have a fun weekend!!!

  6. Oh, I just LOVED this. All the ways a book can come to life. We’ve cooked and acted and built and drawn stories too, but you’ve made me want to do even MORE! I especially loved your boy’s map—it looked wonderful.

    I always get so inspired when I come here, and I’m so glad for that. Thank you!

  7. Hay Helena, So glad you stopped by and said “hi…” I am so thrilled to inspire you… I love the map too, its a keeper!!! Well done on your math happiness – You must be so proud of your little achiever. Have a great week!!!

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