So for the past couple of weeks I have been blogging about Swellendam, and The Swellendam Winter School. Swellendam is a short road trip from Cape Town… the further you get from the city the closer you get to countryside the more lovely it gets. Take a breathe, in this post I am going to gather all The Swellendam Winter School Posts together in one spot and from there you are good to go, to find any information that you might need about a fantastic event… that you should definitely think about it you are hoping for a week or two away, or even just a weekend, in Swellendam over the winter time.


Se7en Highlights of My Visit to the Swellendam Winter School


  1. The Beautiful Countryside: Just the most beautiful countryside… the fresh air, the open spaces… the crisp mornings, the sunny days, the peace and quiet. Do I have to say more.
  2. IMG_4837

  3. The Early Morning Run: Never be afraid to ask a local. When I mentioned that I was training for the Two Oceans Half Marathon and I would need a run while I was in town… and I wasn’t comfortable to go running on my own in a town I didn’t know… they not only found me a local runner to take me running… but I went on the most stunning dawn trail run… if you are in Swellendam on a Saturday, and you aren’t afraid of hills… then make sure you don’t miss the local Parkrun… trust me, it is a stunner!!!
  4. IMG_3923

  5. The Goodie Bag: The thing about visiting a town that you are unfamiliar with, it is hard to find the local “spots.” We were lucky enough to receive incredible goodie bags, that were absolutely packed with local treats. Coffee from Clockpeaks Coffee, Honey from Bee Things, and treats from Wildebraam. Not to mention the sweetest commemorative bag, uniquely stitched for each of us by the Suurbraak Quilting Ladies.
  6. IMG_5197

  7. The Shopping: We did not get a lot of time to shop, but on our way out of town we did do some exploring into the antique stores, packed with treasures.

    And can I just mention Rain, it wouldn’t be Swellendam if you didn’t stop at Rain for some beautifully created, hands made luxury treats.
  8. IMG_4955

  9. The Media Team: What a fantastic group of folk, a lovely collection of bloggers, some of them I have known for years and others I met right there… all in all a fantastic team, and I know I made friends for life there.
  10. IMG_4750

  11. The Swellendam Winter School Team: What a team of enthusiastic teachers, co-ordinators, get you where you need to be guys, answer every question gals, just the most fantastic, relaxed and easy to work with team ever. What a pleasure.
  12. IMG_5179

  13. A Reason to Return: So many places I didn’t get to see and visit… I have been dying to visit the Drostdy Museum for years, but when we popped by it was closed. Another time… and another chance to visit. I really can’t wait.

Se7en Posts in The Swellendam Winter School Series

  1. Swellendam Winter School – Put That on the Map
  2. A Visit to the Kwetu Guest Farm in Swellendam
  3. IMG_3898

  4. Accommodation in Swellendam… And My Stay at Cypress Cottage
  5. Kos, Lekker Kos… A Swellendam Winter School Course.
  6. An Evening Cruise at Umshanti…
  7. tempImageForSave (76)

  8. Eating Out in Swellendam
  9. Our visit to the Zinc Gallery…



All the photographs from our visit to Swellendam Winter School can be found by clicking the image below.
Swellendam Winter School

I would really like to thank the Swellendam Winter School and the Winter School Community for hosting myself and the media team for a wonderful couple of days. This is not a sponsored post, and the opinions expressed are as usual entirely my own.

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