World Ocean’s Day And Se7en + 1’s Great Ocean Round Up…


Yesterday was World Oceans Day, and this past weekend the Two Oceans Aquarium had a great display of all their latest green projects. Every day choices that we can make to change the environment and look after our ocean. There are a whole host of projects that you can get involved with, set up by the aquarium and easy for anyone anywhere to join in. I thought it was time to gather all our ocean posts in one place… so enjoy se7en+1 Features to do with the Ocean and Beaches…


  1. Visiting the Two Oceans Aquarium
  2. se7en-07-Jun-14-DSC_0754.jpg

  3. Caring for our Oceans
  4. se7en-07-Jun-14-DSC_0710.jpg


  5. Out on the Great Blue Sea
  6. se7en-07-Jun-14-DSC_0720.jpg

  7. The Shark Center And Whale Watching in False Bay
  8. se7en-07-Jun-14-DSC_0654.jpg

  9. Visiting in the Southern Ocean
  10. se7en-07-Jun-14-DSC_0703.jpg

  11. Ocean Arts and Crafts
  12. se7en-07-Jun-14-DSC_0647.jpg

  13. Making the Most of Beach Outings
  14. se7en-07-Jun-14-DSC_0649.jpg

    And the Se7en + 1th…

  15. Cape Town Beaches

  16. And I just can’t get enough of these guys swimming in the Kelp Forest at the Aquarium…






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  1. Thanks Tami, And so sorry we missed you… I hope you had a fantastic visit to the aquarium, we sure do love that place!!! Have a good week, settle in with some warmth!!!

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