Se7en’s Ultimate Gift Guide

Here is a list of all the gift collection posts we have ever written. Keep scrolling down for gift wrapping ideas and if you are still with us then scroll on down for individual crafts that would make fabulous gifts.

Before you get going, I have to say there are a couple of things you need to beware of when crafting gifts with your kids and I wrote about them in this post: Se7en Tips For Crafting Gifts With Your Kids.

Here you go: enjoy the ride…

Se7en’s Christmas Gift Collections

Some more giftable crafts from Se7en:

And let me just say, the nice thing about giving a crafty gift… And there is no shame here!!! If you run out of time then toss your materials into a container and you have a “gift kit” good to go… Trust me this works!!!

This post forms part of the HomeMade Holiday Gift Bag over at FIMBY, click in the button to find heaps of holiday gifting inspiration.


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