Se7en’s Christmas Collection…

Christmas in Se7en + 1 Steps

Here is our Collection of Christmas posts… I am going to leave it up for a couple of days so that you can explore and click on links and return and read a bit more… it is all here for your reading fun!!!


Se7en do Christmas in a Nutshell…

Clearly Christmas: Coping with Chaos at Home…

Clearly Christmas: Coping with Chaos and Babies…

When Christmas isn’t the Best of Times…

The Truth About Giving and Receiving… the Parables…

The Great Christmas Conspiracy.

Joy to the World

Se7en Gifts for my Kids.

Step 1: Cards and Operation Christmas Box…


Step 2: Gifts Kids Can Make.


Step 3: Gift Wrapping


Step 4: Christmas Parties

Step 5: Putting It All together

Step 6: Se7en Traditions.


Step 7: New Year…

  • Se7en and the New Year Tree Party.
  • Se7en Are Ready for New Year.
  • And the Se7en + 1th Step…

    Se7en’s Gift Guide

    Here is a list of all the gift collection posts we have ever written. Keep scrolling down for gift wrapping ideas and if you are still with us then scroll on down for individual crafts that would make fabulous gifts.

    Before you get going, I have to say there are a couple of things you need to beware of when crafting gifts with your kids and I wrote about them in this post: Se7en Tips For Crafting Gifts With Your Kids.

    Here you go: enjoy the ride…

    Se7en’s Christmas Gift Collection

    Some more giftable crafts from Se7en:

    And let me just say, the nice thing about giving a crafty gift… And there is no shame here!!! If you run out of time then toss your materials into a container and you have a “gift kit” good to go… Trust me this works!!!

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    1. Hi
      I home-schooled my 3 children in S.A. JHB. for 11 years till all were through and into University. It is hard work but very rewarding and enjoyable. They all finished early and took a “gap” period before satrting university. One has honours in Psychology, and is now married, One is an assistant air traffic controller, should qualify early next year, and the youngest is finishing 2nd year Psychological counselling. All very socially confident, active citizens. I am thankful for the wonderful time we had together. I think your site is amazing. I would have loved connecting with someone like you, while I was home-schooling. Keep it up.

    2. Hi Grace. Lovely to meet you!!! It is always so encouraging to hear from moms who have been there and done that. It sounds like you gave your kids just the right start… to follow their dreams. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting!!!

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