Cape Town is doing winter really well this year, we have had pouring rain, freezing cold and wintery day after wintery day. We are in the final days of the winter holiday break and I think by now most moms are starting to wonder how on earth they are going to keep their kids busy for the next little while.

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Just because it is cold, doesn’t mean you can’t head outdoors, sometimes you just have to get rid of all that accumulated energy and head out. Winter is a great time to visit local sightseeing spots, the crowds are smaller and there are often great specials on entry fees. In between the rainy days there are glorious sunny days to dress warmly and head out on an adventure. Not to mention, now is the time to visit the library, and get into the habit of a weekly visit to the library, it is free and fun for all ages (including parents!!!).


    On the Calendar

  1. Create a Family Winter Wish List and starting ticking off those goals.
  2. For the Whole of July: Plastic Free July. Be Plastic Clever – for Plastic Free July.
  3. Celebrate Madiba Day on 18 July: 67 Things You Can Do to Save the Planet on Madiba Day.
  4. Celebrate a famous Artist: 22 July: Alexander Calder’s Birthday 1898 – 1976
  5. Celebrate a famous Author: 28 July: Beatrix Potter 1866-1943
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    In the Great Outdoors, Keep it Simple

  7. Go on a beach walk… it is the best time of year… no crowds and lots of interesting things to look at.
  8. Go for a QUICK wintry swim… trust me, once your kids are in they will love it and it will use up tons of playful energy!!!
  9. Go puddle Jumping.
  10. Go on a hot chocolate hike.
  11. Roast some Marshmallows and tell some Campfire Stories.
  12. Find a local wetland for a Wild Walk…
  13. Pop up a tent in your backyard or build a fort, for a sleep out – defintiley one of my kids’ favourite things to do.
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    Go on a Happy Hunt…

  15. A Where’s Wally hunt is fun… you can even design your own Where’s Wally Pages.
  16. Get out a pair of binoculars and start birdwatching… the Fire Finch App is so much fun.
  17. Have a stargazing evening… use a free app like: Star Walk 2: The Night Sky Map.
  18. And if your family is in to Nature Apps, there is an iNature app for kids: Seek, it is fabulous, full of challenges and badges to collect, things to spot and look up… a really fun app for nature lovers.
  19. Go on a Nature Scavenger Photo Walk: Find something for every colour of the rainbow, or for older kids find something for every letter of the alphabet, or even a A Photo Scavenger Hunt…
  20. Head for a forest, take a knowledgable friend and go mushroom spotting.
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    Be A Tourist in Your Own Town

  22. Go on one of the extremely easy family walks around Cape Town.
  23. Se7en’s A-Z of places to visit in Cape Town for kids.
  24. Best time of year for Whale Watching in Cape Town, take a wander along the false bay coastline… there are definitely whales to be seen in the bay.
  25. Go on a visit to the Penguins and a really easy amble between Seaforth and Boulders… the walkway is free and you will definitely see penguins, possibly dassies, and other small wild creatures along the way.
  26. Go on an easy family walk, not every hike has to be an all day effort, there are tons of adventurous family friendly walks on the Cape Peninsula – AND you are never far from a coffee shop for a sweet reward.
  27. Kirstenbosch: has free entry for school age children, no matter what the weather, even if it is torrenting down with rain you can still go for an epic walk and explore in the green house.
  28. Two Oceans Aquarium – always a good outing whatever the weather, and definitely worth the splurge.
  29. City Sightseeing Bus Always has winter holiday specials and their waterfront boat tour is an affordable winner.
  30. Be a tourist in your own town and take a free walking tour.
  31. Definitely Visit the Zeitz Mocaa Museum, it is free for kids always and locals on a Wednesday morning.
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    Stunning Science

  33. Spend a day in the garden, have a great cleanout, and plant some seeds ready for sring… we have planted peas and spinach… and if not a veggie garden.
  34. Then start a windowsill garden already!!!
  35. Create an Insect Hotel.
  36. Make your own Ice cream in a Ziplock.
  37. Quick and Easy Edible Science
  38. While we are in the midst of extremely wintery weather: Build a Weather Station.
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    Bake Something…

  40. Go Cooking Around the World... Everyone likes a Feasty Adventure.
  41. Bake some bread, nothing better than homebaked bread.
  42. Quick Cookies are great…
  43. And the Quickest Cake in the World is always a winner.
  44. It is never too cold for ice-cream: Baked Alaska is pure fun!!!
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    Actual Arty Days

  46. Now is the season to make some Bed-Bug Hand Warmers…
  47. And wind chimes are fun!!!
  48. Make a Rain Stick and other Drippy Rainy Day Art Ideas…
  49. tempImageForSave (10)-2

    Wintry Books and Games

  50. Start a family read a loud: A Chapter a Day is Great… and it doesn’t have to be at bedtime, it can be at breakfast time, it can be in bed before everyone gets up in the morning… or even in the only sunny spot you can find!!!
  51. Make your book reading just a little bit more memorable…
  52. Start listening to a new podcast with your kids, these are some of our favourites… and Greeking Out with National Geographic is an absolute winner.
  53. Spend a day playing board games…
  54. F7B8972B-6917-465B-A9D7-8F7A0426B635

    Throw a Winter Party for no Real Reason!!!

  55. Create an Escape Room…
  56. Have a Red Hot Chilli Party to Warm up…
  57. What about a Science Party, or…
  58. Throw a Chemistry Party

Most important… Look forward to SPRING!!!

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