I mentioned I would blog mostly about homeschooling for the month of February, and my goodness so many questions popped up in my inbox. To start my series, I am posting a post full of homeschooling posts that we have published over the last thirteen years of blogging, about our twenty odd years of homeschooling. All our posts are written from the perspective of a homeschooling family on a journey, this is not a season of homeschooling for us, but rather a life long adventure of learning.


From time to time it is useful to pop all our posts into one place… so that I know what we have written about before and so our readers can find resources that they are looking for. If you are looking for our “Homeschool Questions: Asked and Answered” then just scroll down to the bottom of this page. Meanwhile, watch our blog for posts throughout February, to discover resources and tips that are helping our homeschooling journey right now.

Organizing School:



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Sunny South Africa


Geography and History:


Language Arts:


Science, Technology and Nature:




Blog School:


HomeSchool Questions:

I am always happy to answer homeschool questions, browse through this section and see if I have answered your question before and if I haven’t then go ahead and contact us and ask away!!! I think because we live homeschooling I sometimes forget that we could post on a topic!!! When you do ask questions it reminds me to post on stuff that is our everyday!!!


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